Friday, December 2, 2011

There's Power In The Flower.

You know you're wardrobe is in a bad way when you can't find the new coat you recently purchased.  I've been searching high and low for my new acquisition from Peqe, a stunning floral coat called 'Pacific'  I just assumed it hadn't arrived when there it was...voila. 

Styling this look was lots of fun if not a bit of a challenge.  I wanted to create a romantic and feminine look with an old world feel.  Coats/jacket's can be tricky little things but Peqe has nailed it with a great drape to the coat that gives the impression of flowing material and the puffy prim sleeves match really well with the pattern of the jacket layer. 

I racked my brain thinking about what I would wear under the coat and recalled this outfit I purchased so long ago from Redgrave called Nude Body Suit.  God knows if it's still available but I loved it for the delicate diamante detail at the hem of the shorts, shirt bottom and neckline.

I've been holding onto this Christiana headpiece from Donna Flora for a while now eager to wear it with something that would do it justice.  I love this hat to smithereens.  I raided the jewel box big time for this look and draped myself in the Chicago Diamante selection (earrings, necklace and bracelet) from Eclectica.Jewelery.  If you want quality, go Eclectica shopping.  I also brought out my big gun Trinity Ring from Modern Gypsy that is akin to a bling-ified knuckle duster.  Yay for you Micah.

To finish off my floral Lolita look, I snapped up this hat box called 'Faded Fragrance' from Le Poppycock.  Loving that shine and luster on the bag...Amazing work Julliette Bade.  Your shop is fabulous.

Other credits:

Hair and skin: Laq.
Shoes: Maitreya Gold.
Nails: Pixel Mode.
Eyes: Pale Steel Blue from Fashism.
Location: Spring Isles.

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