Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Mesh With The Dress Baby.

So EnCore got me over to the right side...the mesh side...with the allure of her new release skirt and now I'm entirely won over.  As luck would have it, I decided to check out a store that I have a real crush on, Couverture.  Designer, Chocolate Arashi, has pulled together a wonderful collection of clothing and produced one of my favorite dresses in SL (see here).  To my delight one of her new releases is a darling knitted maxi dress in a muted shade of purple for only $280L.  Available with or without the delicate spaghetti straps, my 'mesh-affair' only deepened when I put it on. 

There are three sizes, small, medium and large to fit most shapes and for me, the large fitted like a glove.  How wonderful to have a hem that maintains its folds and drape without the body poking through with every movement. 

I went bag hunting too and found this little treasure called 'Miranda' made by Tattoodiva Jules from BagLady Design.  These are the days when I love fossicking in SL.  The times where you unearth a treasure from a place you didn't know existed and at only $10L, I literally bagged a bargain.

The earring (yes I'm only wearing one), necklace and bracelets were recent bargains from the Tropicalia Bazaar 2 at Purple Moon.  Designed by Amorous, the set is called 'Antiquarian Chianti' and sells for a steal at $75L. 

I have a real thing for Similar Footwear and popped on the Barletta shoes that compliment this dress perfectly in my opinion.  I think they're around $795L but they're quality all the way and I simply can't get enough of them.

And while you're checking out Couverture at the sim Slow, go take a peek at [kik] hair.  I love this wind-swept, messy do called 'Fine' in platinum for only $200L.

Only 10 days to go and nary a Christmas post from me.  I'm resisting as long as I can because quite frankly, I'm quite over candy cane's, red, green and white lingerie and Christmas fare protruding from every orifice.  I think I've become a bit Scrooge like this year :-(  If anyone finds my Christmas spirit, by all means have a swig, then send it back home to me.


  1. LOVE that dress on you Chalice! And that bag is adorable!

  2. I'm so glad you like it Lisa xxxx Take care darling.