Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wisteria Lane.

I'm backing up my last post with another dress from Couverture.  It was the amazing color of this dress that caught my eye.  Chocolate Arashi calls the color Wisteria and it has a feminine and whimsical feel to it.  Titled 'Zepher', it has the finest spaghetti straps with prim ribbons at the shoulders and features a geometric pattern in the lace. 

I returned to [kik] for some more hair love and found this great style called Atmos shown here in platinum. I'm hair over heels in love with the platinum tone and couldn't stop at one purchase so more to come from  [kik] in future posts..  The hair flower also comes with Atmos and I colored it to match the dress. 

I chose the delicate Nouveau Rose jewelery set in lilac from Eclectica.

My most exciting purchase of the day has to be these gorgeous wedge sandals called 'Monique' in Icy Rose from DeLa.  I have long been a DeLa fan girl and Kuranosuko Kamachi's footwear is just getting better and better if that's possible. 

Other credits:
Skin: Glam Affair - Monica light - Modavia gift.
Eyes: WAP - Icey Blue.
Nails: Pixel Mode.

Well Miss Virtual World is nearly upon us.  In around 4 hours the candidates will take the stage for the marathon event.  Having been in the competition myself a few years ago representing my country as Miss Australia, I remember the stress I felt that lasted for around 6 hours if memory serves me correctly.  Constantly on edge trying to ensure I was rezzed, had the right clothes on, hit my marks all while trying not to crash gave me a mega headache.  For me this all began at around 4am so by the time the winner was announced, I was delirious and said a prayer of thanks for not being chosen as I'd never have been able to produce a coherent sentence.  Good luck to all the girls.  Have fun but remember, winning can be a huge burden so be careful what you wish for.  Don't forget your dignity particularly in defeat because your behavior will be remembered long after the fan fare has died down while what you wore will not.

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