Sunday, March 31, 2013

For The Love Of Autumn

While you lucky bunnies are enjoying Spring in the North, we down-under have sashayed into Autumn.  A season I admit I love particularly when the leaves turn russet and we can snuggle inside by the fire.

I've put together an executive look for the smart working girl.  The shirt, pants and belt make up the outfit called 'Marve' from Vero Modero.  Very tailored and well put together..

Ok.  Off to work she goes looking every inch the professional.


Hair: Electra hair in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Skin: Opera Chic in Light Rose by Essences
Make Up Tattoo's: Sinful lipstick for Pearl tone skin by LeLutka and Dusty Eyeshadow in Electric Lime by cheLLe
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey by Mayfly
Shirt, Belt and Pants: Marve by Vero Modero
Bag: Leather Satchel in Black by Maitreya
Shoes: XiuLan Embellished Platform Heels by Liv-Glam
Earrings: Tres Chic by Lazuri
Ring: Claddagh ring by Eclectica Jewelery
Nails: Leaf Color Glove nails by DownDownDown
Location: The Legion Project-Port Said

Starships Were Mean't To Fly

Hey up.  Gizza just released this great number called the 'Fragrant Henna' dress which they describe as a mix of  'hippie chic and London boho'.  Available in six different colors, it is ethnic fashion to me which I love.  I imagine myself at an exclusive resort having lunch by the pool in this dress.

I actually ran around Gizza looking for accessories and found the hair piece, bag and necklace.

This look is what I wore when I went on my big world trip a couple of years ago.  I stayed at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi and remember wearing something like this for dinner one night.  Great work Gizza.


Hair: Blake hair in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Eyes: Liquid Light eyes in True Grey by Mayfly
Dress: Fragrant Hanna dress in Soil by Gizza
Bag: Mesh Clutch in Black by Gizza
Shoes: Nikki by Redgrave
Necklace: Stone Age by Gizza
Hair Piece: Peony Widow by LaGyo sold at Gizza

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's So Easy Being Green

Here is the new release dress from Sascha's Designs called Acacia in Emerald.  Available with various skirt options, I chose to wear the split ruff version which is super sexy and gives a bit of cheek at the back.  The colors include apricot, black, lavendel, red, seafoam, tan and white.   

Thank you Sascha.  Its a stunning dress.  You all have to go visit her shop, it's got everything a formal-loving diva would ever want.

Style Credits:
Hair: Chanel Drops in Essence tone by Vanity Hair
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Eyes: True Grey by Mayfly
Dress: Acacia in Emerald by Sascha's Designs
Gloves: Green Leather Fur Gloves by Ranena Olivier Couture
Shoes: Rhapsody in Black by BSD Design Studio
Necklace: Black Diamond by 24Shoo Shoes

Because Of You I Don't Stray Too Far From The Sidewalk

Hello bunnies.  Well another night where sleep escapes me so thought I would style another outfit that I purchased recently.  I headed over to the amazing Hazadous sim to take the photo's.  If you haven't visited, you simply must.

Well we have more fair's and hunts to poke a stick at and most of you will be running around like headless chickens trying to cram them in.  We really are spoiled for choice these days and I'm grateful to other blogs who showcase whats available.  

Check it out

Hair: Juliet in French Vanilla tone by Sugarsmack
Skin: Luria by Glam Affair
Make Up Tattoo's: Brows by Blackliquid, Dusty eyeshadow by cheLLe and Love My Eyes Eyeliner and lashes by Boom.
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey by Mayfly
Nails: Candy Nails (Glove) in Pink Gloss by DownDownDown
Dress: Milla Sweater Dress in Rose Smoke by Maitreya
Scarf: Dolce Scarf in Nude color by Cashmere & Keane
Bag: Romance Bag by Maitreya
Shoes: Bow Back Shoes in Browns including socks by TokiD
Watch: Gloria by Donna Flora (color change)
Earrings: Violetta earrings by Donna Flora (Gift)
Location: Hazardous

Friday, March 29, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Hippy

Stuffed after a long day of shopping, Chalice took a seat to rest her feet and her bank balance.  I found these chairs at DownDownDown and they contain 5 different poses.  Quirky eh?

Still in my love affair with brown and different colors, I found this funky little dress at Shine called "Urban Hippie".  I lucked in when I found the cute tote at Auxiliary and hoped it would work.  I like the combination.

I added these tights from Riddle, a belt from Coco and boots from Maitreya.

I didn't make the cut to become a Vero Modero model, but hey, it's failures that makes us try harder.  Congrats go to the successful models.

Style Card

Hair: Lewna by Ploom
Skin: New Romance by Auxiliary
Make Up tattoo's: Cyan Glitter shadow and Just Gloss lips by Blackliquid
Eyes: True Grey by Mayfly
Dress: Urban Hippie by Shine by [ZD] Design
Belt: Wide Belt in Brown by Coco
Bag: Tiny Tote in Cocoa by Auxiliary
Shoes: August Ankle Boots in Dark Grey by Maitreya
Watch: Gloria Watch by Donna Flora
Earrings: Anaya Turquoise Earrings by Zaara
Bangle:Turquoise and Leather Cuff from Willow
Ring: Raga Oyster Ring by Zaara
Nails: Candy Set (Nail Glove) by DownDownDown
Chair Props: DownDownDown

You're A Trouble Maker Girl

Look at moi in my new dress from Vero Modero called "Ayla".  Wear if you dare because it's so wonderfully bright it could cause a traffic accident.  Aren't the material folds fantastic?  I went to the Vero Modero model call today and it was great to be back on the runway again.  I forgot how much fun it was and will be sure to keep an eye out for other auditions.

I found the cute geometric bag at The Secret Store and the shoes from Maitreya.  Love how this works so well together.

Bangles are from [glow] studio and the nail gloves from DownDownDown Main Shop.  I actually don't mind using a nail glove rather than prim/mesh nails because I'm rubbish at fitting them plus when the hand closes in some poses, the nails sit in mid air.  Me no like that.

Hope you all get lots of Easter eggs darlings but don't eat them all at once (says she chowing down on an egg).


Hair: Charli in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Skin: New Romance from Auxiliary
Lip and eye shadow tattoo: Psychedelic Palette by Croire 
Dress: Ayla from Vero Modero
Bangles: Woven Chain Bracelet in Gold by [glow] studio
Bag: Funky Tango Bag by The Secret Store
Glasses: Rhamona Sun Glasses in Orange by Amarelo Manga
Shoes: Frenzy Retro in Yellow by Maitreya
Nail glove: Color Set from DownDownDown Main Shop
Eyes: Icy Eyes by WAP Design - designer Trilly Sands has not included a LM - WAP and Rockshop are in the same store; however, I could not find a LM in search so perhaps contact her.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Color Me Happy With A Side Of Whinge

When I saw this dress in So Many Styles (SMS) I just had to blog it.  I love the combination of pink and brown which work so well together.  I so appreciate it when the designers create folds and drape effects on their textures and this dress has it in spades.  I really love SMS because of the diversity of items offered and the quality...I've never been disappointed.

I'm in love with these special edition SoHo Boots from Maitreya.

I'd just like to make a suggestion to designers to help bloggers be able to credit them quickly.  Is it possible that you include your name on individual pieces created so that when one clicks 'item profile', your name appears?  I find that so many times the item states 'unknown' and I have to go sifting though my inventory to bring up a designers profile in order to obtain the LM.  Not having ever made anything in SL but a box, I'm not sure if this is a big deal to do but it sure would make life easier for this blogger. Whinge over now :-)  

Hair: Eccentricity in Platinum tone by LaViere
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky mesh eyes in Twilight Sea from Mayfly
Dress: Lila Art Deco dress by So Many Styles
Bag: Comfy Clutch in Light Brown by So Many Styles
Boots: Special Edition SoHo boots by Maitreya
Bangles: Adele by Indyra Originals
Necklace: Big Native necklace in Pink by So Many Styles
Location: Hazardous

I'm A Little Mellow Yellow

RL me will be going into hospital in the next few days but not exactly sure when.  I'll be taking my lappie but I'm not certain if I'll be able to blog on it.  Regardless, I'll be back and will blog all my new purchases when I can.

I've put BOSL radio on my land and have been sitting with my ear phones on while blogging listening to the tunes and have been singing so loud I've had to close the windows to spare the neighbors.  Who else does this?

Today I'm mixing some Emery, TokiD and Maitreya and have to say, I love this look.  Check below for the credits.

I picked up these poses for long hair from Croire...they're fab.

Credit goes to:

Hair: Freya with pony tail attachment in Platinum by LaViere
Skin: Luria by Glam Affair
Glasses: Rhamona glasses by Amarelo Manga
Jacket: Ava Jacket by Maitreya
Skirt: Charlotte Pure Horses in Yolk color by Emery
Bag: Samantha Clutch in Yolk color by Emery
Bangles: Native American Bangles by So Many Styles
Earrings: African earrings by Amarelo Manga
Shoes: Gladiator Sandals in Yellow by TokiD
Nails: Metallic Gold by Purple Moon
Poses: Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair poses by Croire

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Fillet Mignon Baby

WOW...I couldn't go past this gorgeous dress at Maitreya today and I chose the lusty red because it just pops.  The strapless sheath dress called "Mignon" has delicate folds falling from the cleavage and clings to the body so delicately.  Sometimes I end up disappointed when I purchase mesh items because even when I change my shape, they don't always fit well.  Not this dress.  Like everything Onyx LeShelle does, its perfect and every nook and cranny is covered.

It's no secret that I think Maitreya Gold shoes are the best in SL so I purchased the Allegra heels in Red to compliment the outfit.

This is what Chalice does after a hard day blogging...she lounges on her new Dormeuse Gossip Girl lounge from Lostangel.  Complete with magazines for reading and great poses, it provides a bit of girlie repose.

I've been shopping for new things to blog and I hope you like what I do with them.  Also if you want to add your blog to my blogging list, just give me a shout.

Hair: Elan in French Vanilla by Sugarsmack
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Lip Tattoo: The Mean Reds in Fire Truck color by cheLLe
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey by Mayfly
Dress: Mignon in Red by Maitreya
Shoes: Allegra in Red by Maitreya Gold
Necklace and Earrings: Native Bead in Tomato by So Many Styles
Lounge from Lostangel
Gloves: Red Gloves from Emery
Location at Lostangel

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Purple Passion Baby...Oh Yeah

This look started with the gorgeous silky Artisan shorts from TokiD and grew from there.  Wandering the store, I picked up the cool scarf, boho rucksack and hair flower, then found the singlet top at Pink BuBBIEs.

The rucksack worn on the shoulder is amazing.  Brilliant job with this piece Maya Toki-Doki (cute name).

Take a trip to TokiD and prepare yourself for some fabulous fashion.


Hair: Myer hair (Messy Bun) in Milky Way from Ohmai
Skin: Mila in Pear tone (Make up 6) by LeLutka
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh eyes in in True Grey by Mayfly
Top: Purple Caterpillar Tank by Pink BuBBIEs
Shorts: Artisan shorts in Purple by TokiD
Bag: Attic Boho bag by TokiD
Shoes: Troopa Boots by Ladies Who Lunch
Hair piece: Ruf Ribbon in Purple by TokiD
Scarf: Knots Scarf in Rose by TokiD
Earrings: Monica earrings in Purple/Silver by Mandala
Gloves: Aya V Fur gloves by Atelier AM
Location: Somewhere in Brasil Maresias

You Can Dance

Chalice went out to a house warming party today and danced away to the beautiful voice of Tamra Sands (aka in rl as Tamra Hayden) who also performs in SL.  It was great to get out among the residents for a change and it reminded me of how much fun I used to have when socializing was a top priority. 

Today I'm showing you the lovely necklace, earrings and bag from Glow Studio paired with a shirt from LeeZu.  The pics were taken at Brasil Maresias.


Hair: Sinning in Champagne by Bliss Couture
Skin: Kate-Verve in Champagne by the Skinnery (available at The Arcade)
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey by Mayfly
Top: Lulu Blouse in Cream by LeeZu
Pants: Deck Canvass Pants by Siss Boom (no longer open)
Shoes: Nikki Heels by Redgrave
Bag: Chains and Pearls Clutch by Glow Studio
Necklace and Earrings: Please Me by Glow Studio

Friday, March 22, 2013

Head Honcho In My Poncho

Look at this lacy poncho with a hint of nipple from LeeZu.  Quite an unusual piece in SL don't you think?  There are a variety of choices in style and color available - sheer knit (shown), sheer royal, sheer glitter and sheer wool.  It is such a comfort to my affair with fashion to have LeeZu in SL.  I remember coming across her store many years ago now and it was then I realized that there is fashion and then there is LeeZu.  She never ceases to cut a swathe through the industry and shows us that wonderful couture is possible.

Another amazing designer is Mirai Jun from Ce Cubic Effect.  I consider her collection to be earthy, organic, wearable and stylish with impeccable texturing.  The 'fabrics' are so evident to the buyer such as you can see that a skirt is linen or a jumper is wool.  Quite a feat given the constraints in SL but her label is always honest and great value for money.

Above is the black Tiered Skirt from Ce Cubic Effect.  I'm also wearing full length velvet gloves by Baiastice that accommodate an open or closed hand.

These are a great pair of boots called Baviera from Crazy Clothes.  They are absolutely brilliant.


Hair: Kenzie in Swedish tone by Truth
Skin: Mya in Pale by Belleza
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh eyes from Mayfly
Poncho: Scarf Poncho in Sheer Knit Black by LeeZu
Skirt: Tiered Skirt in Black by Ce Cubic Effect
Boots: Baviera from Crazy Clothes
Gloves: Velvet Long Gloves in Ghost by Baiastice
On location at Ce Cubic Effect

Procrastination Meme Continued

Following on from Strawberry Singh's blog post titled "Procrastination Meme", I'm joining in and sharing 10 random facts about my SLife.  In terms of procrastination, yep, I'm guilty and am trying to work on this in my first life.  I've found since the disasters of 2012, procrastination has become a real problem and must be destroyed.  It doesn't sit well with me because I've always been a highly motivated person so this sense of delaying the inevitable is seriously doing my head in.

Q1 - What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often?
Chalice Carling rezzed on 10 October 2007.  She is the only avatar I use.  When I rezzed, I spent two months hiding in the shadows because I had no clue what I was doing but I quickly found the shops and knew immediately that I wanted to take on the role of fashion model.  Slowly I emerged from the dark and have never stopped shopping.  If only I'd left joining until after the 22nd of October, I'd be a Scorpio like I am in RL.

Q2 - Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life?
God I can barely remember it but I think that real friendships were forged on the runway at Evane Modeling Agency (prior to Mimmi Boa taking it over) in early 2008.  I was in a competition whereby you had to spend a lot of time posing on the runway for votes and that's were I met my three favorite people, Vixie Rayna, Jula Carnell and Mimmi Boa.  That's also where I came to realize that there were people in the modeling business who will stop at nothing to try to rip you off - promise the world and deliver nothing.  You'd think we would all know this but when you get caught up in competitions somehow its easy to loose touch with the reality of what is actually going on.

Q3 - Where do you spend most of your SL time now?
In my fabulous Pre-Fabulous home on my island at Minoo.  I wish I could say I was hobnobbing with the rich and (in)famous but no, at the moment I'm a bit of a hermit spending most of my time shopping and blogging.  Fornicola Butuzova makes the most incredible homes in SL by a country mile.

Q4 - Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one)
Well I have to say my closest SL friend is Vixie Rayna even though I never actually see her face-to-face anymore because I tend to spend most my time in SL blogging.  Like all good friends though, I know she is around and never have to apologize.  She is such a beautiful person and is always concerned about those in her world.  Love ya Vi xx. 

Q5 - What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one)
I would have to say it is the Chalice necklace given to me on one of my rezz days by Vixie.  I totally treasure it as a reminder of the amazing fun times we used to share.

Q6 - The last thing you purchased in Second Life?
Fatpack of the new Mya skin by Belliza. Thank you for your efforts in creating this gorgeous skin Tricky B.

Q7 - What color clothing does your avatar wear most often?
Hmmmm.  Now I admit to wearing a lot of black but I do love pastel colors and love it when I piece together an outfit from a variety of designers that includes soft and feminine colors.  Actually I love all colors and try to source amazing textures and materials for the clothes I include in my blog.

Q8 - Do you prefer to walk, run or fly?
This makes me laugh.  I just realized I walk nearly everywhere and that I should turn my run on to cover more shopping ground.  I'm a shocking flyer and I give Cha Cha concussion when I'm flying.  That and continual thumping noises I hear if I have my earphones on when I bump into everything. Can I turn that thumping noise off by the way?  It's so irritating.

Q9 - What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? 
Well this was one day in SL that I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard. Years ago, a lot of top models worked with Impacratrice Breiz of Captured Photography to create SL publications and runway shows etc.  It was a lot of fun over many months and one day Vixie and I rezzed a gazillion dog poo's in Impa's house.  No room was the bathroom sinks, kitchen cupboards...everywhere.  We were laughing so much on voice I couldn't breathe.  Needless to say hundreds of dog poo's were returned to my was so worth it though for the lol's.

I also had fantastic fun times when I worked for the Arai Modeling Agency (now closed).  That was my training ground for modeling and on my first show I ended up nude, bald and embarrassed walking the runway to comments like - 'omg she's got nothing on'.  Now THAT was funny.  If ever there was a moment I wanted to exit SL, that was it.
Q10 - Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife?
Definitely Drew Barrymore...she's hot.

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar

Hello reader.  Yes I say reader because I think I might have one.  I am feeling a little dejected because I can't seem to get my blog on the feeds and while I'm a million miles away from the best blogs in terms of production values, I don't think Chalice In Wonderland is that hideous that it can't link in with at least some of the SL fashion feeds.  I'm in my fifth year of blogging and now must deduce that I'm not hitting the mark in terms of interest.  I shall give it some thought as to whether I start up another one and change my blogging style completely.

Today I'm showing off a little number I pieced together featuring LeeZu and Mimikri.  I was attempting a soft yet edgy look and I rather like the mix of urban and vintage styles.

I have to mention the Lolita Espadrille shoes I'm wearing from Gos.  AMAZING.  Go buy, go buy.

And she shopped.................

Hair: Sassy 2 in Swedish tone by Truth
Skin: New Romance by AUX
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eye in True Grey by Mayfly
Top: Araplain Blouse in White by LeeZu
Bra: Auflori Chambre Sheer Braziere by Intimizzio
Shorts: Leather Shorts in Malibu White by Mimikri
Shoes: Lolita Espadrilles in White by Gos
Bag: Tussi in Silver by Mimikri
Necklace: Tripple Chain by Glow Studio

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Silky Smooth At BoHo HoBo Ladies And Germs

Yoooo hooo.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of a shopping trip to BoHo HoBo, I thought I would revisit the wonderful brand and make a blog post.  I have always enjoyed the creative mind of its owner Trill Zapatero and find the clothing and accessories to be of the highest quality.  I mean this dress and hat speaks for itself.  Look at the lustre and shine she is able to produce.

Shout out to Zaara for creating such incredible jewellery...totally awesome.

Skin: Gem in Pearl tone by LeLutka
Hair: Hair wisp attachments by Bizzare Hair
Eyes: Eternal eyes in Glue/Grey by IKON
Dress: Tibetan Silks Tube Dress by BoHo HoBo
Hat: Black Silk Top Hat by BoHo HoBo
Gloves: No longer available - designed by Vitor Algoma
Shoes: Candy Ankle Boots by Kunglers
Necklace and earrings: Nizam Jhumka by Zaara
Pics taken at Mojave Desert