Monday, July 29, 2013

Cha's Flash Fash Cash Comp - #1

Trying to move away from becoming an irredeemable selfie, I have decided that Chalice In Wonderland is going to start a fortnightly competition with a cash prize of $1000L.  I love to scour the grid looking at what people are wearing and I thought it would be fun to run a competition that incorporates other people on my blog.

The rules?  Simple as can be.  If you spot yourself in the pics below, be the first one to comment on this blog under your SL name and the cash is yours.  Have yourself a nice little shopping trip on me.  It literally is first in, best dressed.  And yes...I did take note of your name so you can't trick me.  Haha.

Good luck everyone.  Once we have a winner, I will pay you your reward for being fashion first in-world.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ode To Donna.

Like so, so many of you, I'm saddened to hear that the heart and soul of Donna Flora, Squinternet Larnia, is unwell.  A few posts back I mentioned that I wanted to feature two complete Donna Flora outfits and this is my second installment.  Please check out the Love Donna Flora blog for more information on how we can become involved.

I'm sure every little bit helps so went shopping at her store to create something pretty and uplifting which isn't difficult given the amazing selection of outfits.

I was drawn to this dress fittingly called 'BonBon'.  I feel like a wonderful, decadently wrapped present.  Anyone want to open me?

As I said, I wanted to be 'Donna Flora'd' from head to toe and apart from the skin and hair, everything else is pure Squinternet.

I'm loving the fusion of the dress with the two tone pink 'Milva' heels.  Good choice Cha!

I think Squinternet does the best jewellery.  The details are exquisite and you only have to cam in close to see the intricate work involved in each piece.  I chose the 'Gloria' set for this outfit with color change hud and its stunning.  How utterly fitting that she won the BOSL Award for Best Jewellery in 2011.

Now the hair was either a freebe or dollarbie from Hair Fair 2013 created by Loovus Dzevavor called 'Hourglass'.  It was a fat pack and I chose to show the color 'Ditzie 1'.  I love the interplay between the hair and the's bouffant all the way darlings. Hopefully this hair will be available in store too once the Fair has finished.

Although I have never met Squinternet, it is through her creations that she speaks to me (and all of us who have ever worn her designs).  I send you heart-felt thanks for sharing yourself in SL and making it a more beautiful place to dwell.  While we may not enjoy your designs in their physical form, there's nothing virtual about your artistry and the fact we can take pictures and capture the brilliance.

Hair: Hourglass in Ditzie 1 tone by Loovus Dzevavor
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (make up # 7)) by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Twilight Sea by Mayfly
Hands: By Slink
Nails: By Nailed It @ Baiastice
Dress: BonBon in Pink by Donna Flora
Shoes: Milva in Pink by Donna Flora
Necklace, Earrings and Rings: Gloria by Donna Flora
Location: Plaaka

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey, Hey, It's Nearly Bandana Day!

I knew it!  I knew it!  The creators and designers who contributed to Bandana Day in aid of Wigs For Kids have outdone themselves this year.  For those who don't know, it's Bandana Day tomorrow (Sunday 29th July) and that means take off your fabulous hair and whip on a fabulous bandana purchased exclusively from Hair Fair 2013.  At only $50L a bandana, I'm sure you can stretch the budget to purchase a few knowing that every cent will contribute to providing wigs for kids in need.

Here are a few of my favorites created by the talented people behind SL Fashion Passion blog, Zaara, Virtually Dressed blog, LeLutka, OhMai and Mel Vanbeeck.

I wanted to mention my jumper, shirt and leggings that I recently purchased from a store I hadn't heard of before called JP:dsg,  The designer, Jasper Potez has some amazing items and these pieces are no exception.  The jumper is simply unreal.  You know when you purchase something and you aren't sure how it'll look and then when you pop it on you just love it?  This was one of those times.

Anyway sweeties...PLEASE go get some bandana's and show the world how beautiful you are without your hair.

Jumper, shirt and leggings: By JP:dsg
Earrings and Necklace: By Je Suis
Shoes: Suave in Raven by Maitreya Gold
Skin: Ava in Pale by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Twilight Sea color by Mayfly
Back drop: Runway by Glitterati Poses (Marketplace only)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Beachy Keen.

OMG darlings.  It's seems like ages since I last posted because I had an unexpected trip to hospital and stayed a week.  God I could get used to getting breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed but not the constant poking and prodding.  My diabetes levels were all over the shop and I couldn't seem to get it stabilized with my insulin so off I went in a big ambulance.  Would have much preferred a limo but I did get a nice shot of morphine so it wasn't all bad.

Prior to my unexpected departure, I took these shots of beach wear sent to me from the label ASO.  Very cute and available in a good range of designs and colors.

Unfortunately my time away coincided with Hair Fair 2013 but at least I could get this hair creation in from Bizarre Hair called 'Roots' that came with the earrings and necklace.  It reminds me of coral and seaweed so thought it apt for my beach look.

Here are my Tri-Color Wedges from Slink.  I'm so pleased that I lashed out and purchased the fat pack because they really come into their own when you have a large palette of colors to mix and match with.

Even though I've been away for over a week I feel so out of touch with SL happenings...I'm off to check out what I've been missing.  Until my next post, stay cool.

Hair, Necklace and Earrings: Roots from Bizarre Hair
Skin: Lillith in Europa tone (make up # 5) from Glam Affair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea color from Mayfly
Hands: Slink
Bikini Top and Skirt: By ASO
Shoes: Tri-Color Wedges by Slink

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Play Misty For Me Donna Flora"

Having recently heard that one of SL's most favorite and loved designers, Squinternet Larnia from Donna Flora, has been seriously struggling with her heath for some time now, I wanted to dedicate two posts to her entirely - top to toe.  This was a way in which I could purchase items from Donna Flora which in turn assists Squinternet in a small way and to use my blog to encourage others to also support her during such a difficult time to buy up big also.

I've included a link to the Love Donna Flora event blog and the Love Donna Flora Flickr page where you can show off your Donna Flora finery and a message to Squinternet which I'm sure will cheer her up.  You can also make a donation on the blog itself.  Coupled with an influx to her store to buy her fantastic clothing and the 'donation' option on the blog, here's hoping that the money raised will assist her in some small way toward what must be huge medical bills.  Keep track of the blog to find out when upcoming events are scheduled between the 25th of July to the 11th of August.

The lovely Monica Outlander of Miamai fame sent out an informative note card explaining Squinternet's current condition and has been helping move vendor poster's to Squinternet's new store (here) and also to a satellite shop at Miamai (here).   It really is so touching to see people helping people in need which SL seems to do well and thanks to Monica for advocating on Squinternet's behalf so we can in fact help.

I'm dressed in Donna Flora from head to toe wearing this ultra feminine outfit called 'Misty' that includes the glow mesh inspired top, floaty skirt and belts.  The watch and beautiful ring you see are a small taste of the amazing talents of Squinternet designing jewellery.

The hat of all hats, necklace and earrings all have the hallmark of the the beauty that is Donna Flora.

As if that isn't enough, these divine shoes called 'Jesse' shown in Blush are also available from Donna Flora.  I love this whimsical outfit that sums up for me what her label is about.

I send you all the positive affirmations I can muster Squinternet - you are the doyen of Diva in my book.

Hair: B340 in Shell color by Tram
Skin: Ava in Pale tone including avatar skin enhancer hud by Belleza
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh eye in Monet Dawn Shadow by Mayfly
Hat: Christiana hat by Donna Flora
Top, Belts and Skirt: Misty by Donna Flora
Shoes: Jesse in Blush color by Donna Flora
Necklace and Earrings: Xenia necklace and earrings by Donna Flora
Rings: Vita Pink ring by Donna Flora
Watch: Gloria watch by Donna Flora
Location: Valgora

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 DEMO GROUP - Join Now!

Are you all saving your dollars for Hair Fair 2013 which opens on the 13th of July?   Well I certainly am and lucky for us we all get to preview the wonderful hair that will be available though the Hair Fair 2013 Demo Group set up to allow you to try out the styles you wish to purchase.

What a great way to get a party going the day before the fair (12th July) with your mates trying on all the hair that will be available to demo via the group.

Now all you need do is click across to the official Hair Fair 2013 site for easy peasy instructions on how to join the group.  Do it quickly because there isn't must time left until the big day.  The DAY we all help raise much needed funds for Wigs For Kids.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Lovin'

I know I've seen this outfit blogged before but to me, it deserves special recognition because I think its utterly fabulous and was sent to me by designer Magritta from Mags (loves) B.  She actually uses the sideways (V) and (3) to make a heart, but for some reason when I do this, it sends the rest of my typing into HTML so just imagine the name...I've given the link however.

What you receive with each purchase of your color choice is the bikini top, shorts, sandals, bag and sunglasses.  The colors are rust, purple and emerald.  They are just so sweet and I adore the Aztec design.

Here is the outfit shown in its completeness but thought I'd capture the three of them to show you the beautiful colors.

This is beachwear at it's best and I for one can't wait to go shopping at Magritta's store, whether inworld or at the Marketplace.

Hair is from a new shop to me called [JP]dsg.

Hair is from Diva.

Hair is from Magika.

Skin used is all pics is Cleo from Glam Affair.  
Location: Salt Water

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mr Virtual World Winner - Mr Australia - Erik Bayn

Yesterday (Saturday July 6 at 10am) I had the privilege of being one of the judges in the Mr Virtual World pageant and what an event it was.  Superbly hosted by Ms Persia Bravin and Ms Carilynn OHare, I was totally impressed with the caliber of the top 13 contestants I was there to judge.

For any of the doubter's, let me impress upon you that it is the judges throughout the competition who score the many categories that pick the eventual winner.  It was so difficult scoring the contestants to give us our top 5 and even harder scoring to secure the winner.  I had so much fun and having been in their place a few years ago, know that one has to have stamina, commitment and style to get to the end, let alone win it.

I was thrilled to see Mr Australia, Erik Bayne, win the event but the competition was truly stiff and any one of them deserved the title. Congratulations to Erik, the runners up and all who participated in the pageant and behind the scenes.  It went off without a hitch which just goes to show the professionalism of the people running it.

I chose to wear this LBD by Little Petits Details called 'Dancing Dress'.   I dressed it up with a stunning scarf from Zeery's, black mesh gloves by Celoe and wore the diamonds from a pair of Cheeno gloves I purchased ages ago that sit over the hand.  I splashed out of the set of 'Tefutefu' earrings from Mandala.

Every one present looked stunning and all appeared to enjoy the pageant enormously.  I know Erik has a big year ahead as Mr Virtual World 2013 and I wish him the best of Aussie luck.

Hair base and attachment: Milky Blond hair base and updo attachment (#1) by LAQ
Skin: Claudia2 in Milky tone by LAQ
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in London Fog Shadow by Mayfly
Dress: Dancing Dress by Little Petits Details
Scarf: Zeery
Gloves: Celoe
Bag: Snakeskin Clutch in Black by Cherry
Earrings: From Tefutefu set in Black by Mandala
Location: Submission

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fashion First Then On To Ramonzita And Catastrophies Threat.

Ohhhh I do love green and particularly this shade.  Both the top and shorts were purchased at FaMESHed from Valentia E. Couture.  Really great shading and shine in both pieces and available in an array of other colors and combinations but for me, I chose my favorite green.

The bag is stunning and is from Tulip titled 'Indian Summer'.  I also adore the 'Gala' hair from Analog Dog.

And to the shoes...these are the new release from the Slink add-on range called 'Tri Color Wedges'.  Thank you Siddean for another superb contribution to my pretty feet.  The add-on idea makes shoe wearing so very easy.

Hair: Gala in Vanilla color by Analog Dog
Skin: Zoe (Sultry Pack - Make Up #9) in Pearl tone by Tuli
Tattoo Lips: Zoe tattoo lips for Pearl tone - Intense Coral color by Tuli
Hands and Feet: Slink
Add on Shoes: Tri Color Wedges (colors selected from fat pack) by Slink
Top: Boardwalk top in Khaki and Black from Valentia E. Couture at FaMESHed
Shorts: Hampton shorts in Khaki by Valentia E. Couture at FaMESHed
Bag: Indian Summer bag by Tulip
Bracelets: Omochi bracelets in Everist Silver by Mandala
Ring: Anuttra ring in Khaki/Moss by Mandala
Earring: Noodle earring in Grass Green by Mandala
Nails: By Flair
Location: Lucrecia Island

Ramonzita and Catastophies (aka Miss Fedorova or in my world, Miss Pass-her-over)

This person is like a cockroach, scuttling around in the dark but almost impossible to eradicate.

The other day, a message was sent through one of my groups indicating that a video Ramonzita produced when hiding somewhere at the Mr Virtual World pageant which mocked every finalist and was derogatory to the LGBT community was re-done with all of the hate and vitriol removed.  I popped over to have a look at her original video which was disgusting as most of her antics are.  I commented on the hateful video she posted and this was said after a couple of comments were exchanged between us:

"Too old for what??? Block me if you don't want me to comment. What, don't you clean your house???? No of course you don't, you're too busy attending the opening of an envelope"  

Next she responds with a comment accusing me of, well I have no idea really.  It was her usual crap but accusing me of something to do with an envelope:

Queen R:
"Hmm so you're the one related to the envelope. Lets see what the "MODELS" think when i tell them they're that envelope is related to you. Ha! Bitch go back to take care of your fat body. And btw you disgust me stop using alts you already gave away the fact that you want me to copybot the models that you don't like. Kty bai".

I left it at that thinking how wrong she is again given I have no clue what she's talking about nor do I use the only two alts I've ever had.  I haven't logged into SL with them for years as I have enough trouble keeping Chalice busy.  The saying 'attending the opening of an envelope' is a very common one but in her confused state, obviously connected it to one of her many dodgy schemes.  If the message above resonates with ANY models, I can assure you I have no knowledge of what she's banging on about nor would I ever contact her to do ANYTHING for me.   She is merely a pimple on SL's arse and deserves to be made accountable for her hate filled comments and I've taken her to task for it many times.

Yeah some may say 'I'm feeding the troll', a saying that actually shits me off because I have every right to say how I feel.  I say how I feel because she discriminates against LGBT individuals consistently which incenses me no end. 

Logging in just now, she IM's me this lovely message:
Miss Federova:
(Saved Sat Jul 06 00:57:12 2013)Hello bitch.
[11:18] MissFedorova: (Saved Sat Jul 06 00:57:19 2013)Remember that i still got your shape
[11:18] MissFedorova: (Saved Sat Jul 06 00:57:27 2013)Too bad your profile picture is an obese ladyboy.

It's so cure
[12:31] MissFedorova: cute*
[12:31] MissFedorova: How you don't speak in live chat.
[12:31] MissFedorova: That's how cheap you are.
[12:31] MissFedorova: Get back to work ladyboy

She constantly refers to my avatar 'Chalice' as a fat, obese cow lady boy which is the only way she responds to any of my comments.  Well Rambo, at least the many dimensions of 'Chalice's' shape are mine, not copy botted like you seem to spend your SL doing.

Whoever you are and wherever you're from...use the shape.  Who cares.  I have so many according to which mesh item I'm wearing that I couldn't give a flying crap what you do, apart from the times you discriminate against race or sexual orientation.  THEN dear, I will involve myself if only to remind anyone reading your shit that its not okay to say it. 

As I've said many times before, I believe you only do it for the attention because you can't rouse any just being like most people in SL, living it without pissing everyone off.  But I don't care if it incites you more...I believe that its not okay to merely let you spew venom without someone calling you on it.  If others don't agree, I'm sorry, that's your opinion, to which you are entitled.   


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm Eating Toast Because I'm FaMISHed From FaMESHed.

With my tilted but not tarnished crown, I'm bringing you another outfit from FaMESHed.  This time it's a dress from E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories called 'Militia' in Snow and fabulous shoes and socks from LaRoo.

The mesh dress is lovely and has a zipper at the front and button embellishments with an arrow pattern panel in the front.

Again I stopped for a rest and to take in the beautiful surroundings at Lucrecia Island, home of the fashion label Tulip.  Its so restful there and you can shop kind of place.

I purchased the earrings and delicate necklace from Noodles.  Really cute shop with pretty colored jewellery.  My watch is from Donna Flora and bag from GOS. 

Here are the shoe's from LaRoo called 'Alice Knee High Pumps.  Gorgeous in my opinion and what I love is the face that the socks hud contains 24, yes 24, different options. 

Hope you have as much fun at FaMESHed as I did.  My purse is bare...not even a moth in there.

Hair: Taylor in Pale Blond by LaViere
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (Make up #4) by Belleza
Lips: Pale Lips for Betty skin (#9) by Belleza
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Glass by IKON
Hands: Slink
Nails: Avatar Enhancement nails by Flair
Dress: Militia in Snow purchased at FaMESHed by E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
Hat: Fake Plastic Crown by LaViere
Necklace: Little Lotus in Silver by Noodles
Earrings: Rams Horn earrings in Silver by Noodles
Ring: Eternelle ring by Je Suis
Bracelet: Asymetrique bangles (color change hud with fat pack) by Je Suis
Watch:  By Donna Flora
Shoes: Alice Knee High Pumps purchased from FaMESHed by LaRoo
Bag: Shoe Bag in Black/Silver by GOS
Location: Lucrecia Island

The Emery Board File.

I shopped at FaMESHed today and I'm hoping no-one has already blogged this fabulous contribution by Emery.  Fingers crossed.

I love this sweet, blousy T top and vibrant paneled maxi skirt.  There's lots of color comob's available but I chose this in yellow, pink and corals.

The hair is from Wasabi Pills and the necklace and bracelets from Maxi Gossamer, also available at FaMESHed.

I rushed around the grid to find a bag and came up with this little beauty from Je Suis.

I do love the vibrancy of this outfit and given I haven't really blogged the maxi skirt phenomenon, thought I would get in on the act.

After my shopping expedition, I sat enjoying a meal outside The Secret Store.  A lovely place to take photo's.  I so love it when store's go the whole hog and decorate their surroundings with beauty such as this.

Hair: Tanya Mesh Hair in Seafoam color by Wasabi Pills @ FaMESHed
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone (make up #9) by Tuli
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea color by Mayfly
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink
Nails: Avatar Enhancement nails in Spring by ASS
Top: Bardo top by Emery @ FaMESHed 
Bag: Electique by Je Suis
Skirt: Maxi Skirt Mulholland by Emery @ FaMESHed
Necklace: Aphroditie's Dream by Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed
Earrings: Douce Bright Earrings by Je Suis
Bracelets: San Remo bracelets by Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed
Ring (camera right): Put A Ring On It Pink by Noodles
Ring (camera left): Eternelle Ring by Je Suis
Location: Outside of The Secret Store

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cross My Heart But Hope I Don't Die.

Hello darlings.  Well we've just entered July and I can't believe that over half the year has gone by.  Today I've put together a little number featuring the 'Hunter Dress' by Pixel Box.  I love the texture...I can't really describe it only to say it looks like a tightly knitted dress interspersed with rows of loose cross stitch.  White crosses adorn the front of the dress and as we know, religious iconology, particularly the cross, has made a fashion come back from the 80's and 90's.

Thank goodness I remembered these Ero Sensei earrings from Mandala that I purchase a little while back.  Just perfect for the job IMO.

I found this 'Sweety Girl' hat at VCO and utilized the hair base and stringed plait attachment that came with the Eclat make up series from LeLutka.  The bag is also from Pixel Box called 'Dark Cross' and I used the touch menu to reduce the size.

I love the sim Hazardous at Misali where these pics were taken.  If you''re not familiar with it, do go exploring as its perfect for photo taking.   Here' I'm taking a load off my new fabulous 'Tri Color Wedge' add-on shoes from Slink.

I was a BAD, BAD girl.  I purchased the fat pack but who could blame me given the sensational color range available.  That was like taking me to lunch and saying I could have only one little sip of Shiraz...not possible!  For a little added interest, I wore these anklets from LouLou, so in the interests of false advertising, the anklets are not a part of the Slink shoes.  My nails are from the vast collection of avatar enhancement nails made by Flair...see, they're black and white?

The bracelet I'm wearing is from Pure Poison called 'Wicki Spike' and I love it along with the Motsumame Rings shown in Black/Silver from Mandala.  For me, since Siddean created my most favorite possessions ever to be housed in my inventory, my Slink hands 'n' feet, rings have become such an important part of my styling.   
Is anyone else having troubles TP'ing and when you land, items are missing from your body?  Its happening so often and gets annoying having to click where the items are in order for them to show up for me.  If you have any ideas on how to fix this, can you let me know?  I downloaded the latest version of SL (Shining version I think it's called) but it did terrible things with the color of mesh items and all the water was just grey.  It was almost like a haze until you cammed in close enough then you could see the color/texture as it should be seen.  Quickly re-loaded the older version and everything is back to normal. Its all very well encouraging people to get ready for their new 'Sunshine' extravaganza but what's the point if they haven't completely fixed the fading of textures? 

See you soon...I'm off to create a new look.

Hair base and attachment: Taken from the Eclat skin range from LeLutka
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (make up #7 with freckles and glossy lip tattoo's) from Glam Affair
Tattoo Eyeliner and Mascara: By Boom
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea color from Mayfly
Hands and Feet: Slink
Dress: Hunter Mesh Dress from Pixel Box
Bag: Dark Cross by Pixel Box
Shoes: Tri Color Wedges by Slink
Hat: Sweety Girl by VCO
Earrings: Ero Sensei earrings from Mandala
Rings: Motsumame Rings in Black/Silver by Mandala
Bracelet: Wicki Spike by Pure Poison
Anklets: Crepuscule Anklets by LouLou 
Location: Hazardous at Misali sim

Monday, July 1, 2013

My Darlings...I Wish You Were Here.

For some strange, unfounded reason, I haven't been a customer of the store Violator.  Of course I knew of the name but I guess with so much choice, it disappeared under my fash-dar.  Well was I in for a wonderful surprise when I visited the other day.  I landed right where this outfit was placed and before the vast display of fashion that seemed to go on forever had even rezzed properly, I purchased the top and pants.

The pants complete with killer spikes, ruffles, flowers and bejeweled button are called 'Luxury' and by god the name fits.  The luster on both the pants and jacket is impossibly perfect.  Walking around the store in awe of the body of work by Violator's designer, Soraya Vahar, it became obvious once perusing her SL profile that she is a designer in the real flesh and blood world.

I found this little bustier in my inventory from the 'Black Vixen Corset' set from Blacklace to wear under it.   

The superb jacket is where all the action is - we all know the power shoulder silhouette has made a massive come back and this spiked, strong shoulder is embellished by flowers including one that sits upon a golden stem.  If that doesn't get your fashion juices flowing, willowy netting material floats down from the left shoulder.  Called 'Passion'  I think the name couldn't be more applicable and possibly says something about Ms Vahar's energy and creativity as much as the item itself.

Do you like the bag bitch????  No I'm not calling YOU a bitch, it's the bag honestly.  From Pure Poison, it so applies to this bitch of a look.

I love my new GOS Angelina Peeptoes with this and the necklace and earrings are called 'Zzoie' also from Pure Poison.

I do always wonder where the designers get their names for the items they produce and whether they struggle with it like I do naming my posts. Feeling especially melancholy tonight, my post title is about my mum, dad, beloved dog and ex-husband who all left my life over the last two years.

This is for anyone who has lost the one(s) you loved.  I heard it just after my dad died and it became such a comfort for me when I need to take a minute and remember how important it is to love the people around you while they're still here.  From me to you via the wonderful Melinda Schneider.

Hair: Nadine in Black by Tameless
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (skin 8) by Belleza
Lashes: By Tameless
Eyes:  Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring color by Mayfly
Hands: Slink
Nails: Glitter Blend Avatar Enhancement Nails by Orc. Inc.
Top: Passion Jacket in Red/Gold by Violator
Pants: Luxury Jeans by Violator
Bag: Bitch Clutch from Pure Poison
Necklace and earrings: Zzoire by Pure Poison

****I never really embed video's or music but wanted to share this.  To those who get pissed off when blogs do this...sorry :)