Monday, July 1, 2013

My Darlings...I Wish You Were Here.

For some strange, unfounded reason, I haven't been a customer of the store Violator.  Of course I knew of the name but I guess with so much choice, it disappeared under my fash-dar.  Well was I in for a wonderful surprise when I visited the other day.  I landed right where this outfit was placed and before the vast display of fashion that seemed to go on forever had even rezzed properly, I purchased the top and pants.

The pants complete with killer spikes, ruffles, flowers and bejeweled button are called 'Luxury' and by god the name fits.  The luster on both the pants and jacket is impossibly perfect.  Walking around the store in awe of the body of work by Violator's designer, Soraya Vahar, it became obvious once perusing her SL profile that she is a designer in the real flesh and blood world.

I found this little bustier in my inventory from the 'Black Vixen Corset' set from Blacklace to wear under it.   

The superb jacket is where all the action is - we all know the power shoulder silhouette has made a massive come back and this spiked, strong shoulder is embellished by flowers including one that sits upon a golden stem.  If that doesn't get your fashion juices flowing, willowy netting material floats down from the left shoulder.  Called 'Passion'  I think the name couldn't be more applicable and possibly says something about Ms Vahar's energy and creativity as much as the item itself.

Do you like the bag bitch????  No I'm not calling YOU a bitch, it's the bag honestly.  From Pure Poison, it so applies to this bitch of a look.

I love my new GOS Angelina Peeptoes with this and the necklace and earrings are called 'Zzoie' also from Pure Poison.

I do always wonder where the designers get their names for the items they produce and whether they struggle with it like I do naming my posts. Feeling especially melancholy tonight, my post title is about my mum, dad, beloved dog and ex-husband who all left my life over the last two years.

This is for anyone who has lost the one(s) you loved.  I heard it just after my dad died and it became such a comfort for me when I need to take a minute and remember how important it is to love the people around you while they're still here.  From me to you via the wonderful Melinda Schneider.

Hair: Nadine in Black by Tameless
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (skin 8) by Belleza
Lashes: By Tameless
Eyes:  Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring color by Mayfly
Hands: Slink
Nails: Glitter Blend Avatar Enhancement Nails by Orc. Inc.
Top: Passion Jacket in Red/Gold by Violator
Pants: Luxury Jeans by Violator
Bag: Bitch Clutch from Pure Poison
Necklace and earrings: Zzoire by Pure Poison

****I never really embed video's or music but wanted to share this.  To those who get pissed off when blogs do this...sorry :)

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