Friday, July 5, 2013

Fashion First Then On To Ramonzita And Catastrophies Threat.

Ohhhh I do love green and particularly this shade.  Both the top and shorts were purchased at FaMESHed from Valentia E. Couture.  Really great shading and shine in both pieces and available in an array of other colors and combinations but for me, I chose my favorite green.

The bag is stunning and is from Tulip titled 'Indian Summer'.  I also adore the 'Gala' hair from Analog Dog.

And to the shoes...these are the new release from the Slink add-on range called 'Tri Color Wedges'.  Thank you Siddean for another superb contribution to my pretty feet.  The add-on idea makes shoe wearing so very easy.

Hair: Gala in Vanilla color by Analog Dog
Skin: Zoe (Sultry Pack - Make Up #9) in Pearl tone by Tuli
Tattoo Lips: Zoe tattoo lips for Pearl tone - Intense Coral color by Tuli
Hands and Feet: Slink
Add on Shoes: Tri Color Wedges (colors selected from fat pack) by Slink
Top: Boardwalk top in Khaki and Black from Valentia E. Couture at FaMESHed
Shorts: Hampton shorts in Khaki by Valentia E. Couture at FaMESHed
Bag: Indian Summer bag by Tulip
Bracelets: Omochi bracelets in Everist Silver by Mandala
Ring: Anuttra ring in Khaki/Moss by Mandala
Earring: Noodle earring in Grass Green by Mandala
Nails: By Flair
Location: Lucrecia Island

Ramonzita and Catastophies (aka Miss Fedorova or in my world, Miss Pass-her-over)

This person is like a cockroach, scuttling around in the dark but almost impossible to eradicate.

The other day, a message was sent through one of my groups indicating that a video Ramonzita produced when hiding somewhere at the Mr Virtual World pageant which mocked every finalist and was derogatory to the LGBT community was re-done with all of the hate and vitriol removed.  I popped over to have a look at her original video which was disgusting as most of her antics are.  I commented on the hateful video she posted and this was said after a couple of comments were exchanged between us:

"Too old for what??? Block me if you don't want me to comment. What, don't you clean your house???? No of course you don't, you're too busy attending the opening of an envelope"  

Next she responds with a comment accusing me of, well I have no idea really.  It was her usual crap but accusing me of something to do with an envelope:

Queen R:
"Hmm so you're the one related to the envelope. Lets see what the "MODELS" think when i tell them they're that envelope is related to you. Ha! Bitch go back to take care of your fat body. And btw you disgust me stop using alts you already gave away the fact that you want me to copybot the models that you don't like. Kty bai".

I left it at that thinking how wrong she is again given I have no clue what she's talking about nor do I use the only two alts I've ever had.  I haven't logged into SL with them for years as I have enough trouble keeping Chalice busy.  The saying 'attending the opening of an envelope' is a very common one but in her confused state, obviously connected it to one of her many dodgy schemes.  If the message above resonates with ANY models, I can assure you I have no knowledge of what she's banging on about nor would I ever contact her to do ANYTHING for me.   She is merely a pimple on SL's arse and deserves to be made accountable for her hate filled comments and I've taken her to task for it many times.

Yeah some may say 'I'm feeding the troll', a saying that actually shits me off because I have every right to say how I feel.  I say how I feel because she discriminates against LGBT individuals consistently which incenses me no end. 

Logging in just now, she IM's me this lovely message:
Miss Federova:
(Saved Sat Jul 06 00:57:12 2013)Hello bitch.
[11:18] MissFedorova: (Saved Sat Jul 06 00:57:19 2013)Remember that i still got your shape
[11:18] MissFedorova: (Saved Sat Jul 06 00:57:27 2013)Too bad your profile picture is an obese ladyboy.

It's so cure
[12:31] MissFedorova: cute*
[12:31] MissFedorova: How you don't speak in live chat.
[12:31] MissFedorova: That's how cheap you are.
[12:31] MissFedorova: Get back to work ladyboy

She constantly refers to my avatar 'Chalice' as a fat, obese cow lady boy which is the only way she responds to any of my comments.  Well Rambo, at least the many dimensions of 'Chalice's' shape are mine, not copy botted like you seem to spend your SL doing.

Whoever you are and wherever you're from...use the shape.  Who cares.  I have so many according to which mesh item I'm wearing that I couldn't give a flying crap what you do, apart from the times you discriminate against race or sexual orientation.  THEN dear, I will involve myself if only to remind anyone reading your shit that its not okay to say it. 

As I've said many times before, I believe you only do it for the attention because you can't rouse any just being like most people in SL, living it without pissing everyone off.  But I don't care if it incites you more...I believe that its not okay to merely let you spew venom without someone calling you on it.  If others don't agree, I'm sorry, that's your opinion, to which you are entitled.   


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