Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cross My Heart But Hope I Don't Die.

Hello darlings.  Well we've just entered July and I can't believe that over half the year has gone by.  Today I've put together a little number featuring the 'Hunter Dress' by Pixel Box.  I love the texture...I can't really describe it only to say it looks like a tightly knitted dress interspersed with rows of loose cross stitch.  White crosses adorn the front of the dress and as we know, religious iconology, particularly the cross, has made a fashion come back from the 80's and 90's.

Thank goodness I remembered these Ero Sensei earrings from Mandala that I purchase a little while back.  Just perfect for the job IMO.

I found this 'Sweety Girl' hat at VCO and utilized the hair base and stringed plait attachment that came with the Eclat make up series from LeLutka.  The bag is also from Pixel Box called 'Dark Cross' and I used the touch menu to reduce the size.

I love the sim Hazardous at Misali where these pics were taken.  If you''re not familiar with it, do go exploring as its perfect for photo taking.   Here' I'm taking a load off my new fabulous 'Tri Color Wedge' add-on shoes from Slink.

I was a BAD, BAD girl.  I purchased the fat pack but who could blame me given the sensational color range available.  That was like taking me to lunch and saying I could have only one little sip of Shiraz...not possible!  For a little added interest, I wore these anklets from LouLou, so in the interests of false advertising, the anklets are not a part of the Slink shoes.  My nails are from the vast collection of avatar enhancement nails made by Flair...see, they're black and white?

The bracelet I'm wearing is from Pure Poison called 'Wicki Spike' and I love it along with the Motsumame Rings shown in Black/Silver from Mandala.  For me, since Siddean created my most favorite possessions ever to be housed in my inventory, my Slink hands 'n' feet, rings have become such an important part of my styling.   
Is anyone else having troubles TP'ing and when you land, items are missing from your body?  Its happening so often and gets annoying having to click where the items are in order for them to show up for me.  If you have any ideas on how to fix this, can you let me know?  I downloaded the latest version of SL (Shining version I think it's called) but it did terrible things with the color of mesh items and all the water was just grey.  It was almost like a haze until you cammed in close enough then you could see the color/texture as it should be seen.  Quickly re-loaded the older version and everything is back to normal. Its all very well encouraging people to get ready for their new 'Sunshine' extravaganza but what's the point if they haven't completely fixed the fading of textures? 

See you soon...I'm off to create a new look.

Hair base and attachment: Taken from the Eclat skin range from LeLutka
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (make up #7 with freckles and glossy lip tattoo's) from Glam Affair
Tattoo Eyeliner and Mascara: By Boom
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea color from Mayfly
Hands and Feet: Slink
Dress: Hunter Mesh Dress from Pixel Box
Bag: Dark Cross by Pixel Box
Shoes: Tri Color Wedges by Slink
Hat: Sweety Girl by VCO
Earrings: Ero Sensei earrings from Mandala
Rings: Motsumame Rings in Black/Silver by Mandala
Bracelet: Wicki Spike by Pure Poison
Anklets: Crepuscule Anklets by LouLou 
Location: Hazardous at Misali sim


  1. I just love this look, from the hat to the bag, dress and omg I love the shoes! You look simply wonderful <3

    I am constantly having to click on my attachments for them to show up after a tp! I use Firestorm, but then there is the new materials viewer going live in just a few days.....who knows what new bugs we will be going through then! hehe gotta love sl :)

  2. I'm so pleased you like the outfit. You made my day.

    Yeppo SL bugs are like RL bugs. Never seem to get rid of them completely. But we still keep coming back so we must be dedicated SL'ers.

    Thanks for your lovely comment Evion. xxx