Monday, July 29, 2013

Cha's Flash Fash Cash Comp - #1

Trying to move away from becoming an irredeemable selfie, I have decided that Chalice In Wonderland is going to start a fortnightly competition with a cash prize of $1000L.  I love to scour the grid looking at what people are wearing and I thought it would be fun to run a competition that incorporates other people on my blog.

The rules?  Simple as can be.  If you spot yourself in the pics below, be the first one to comment on this blog under your SL name and the cash is yours.  Have yourself a nice little shopping trip on me.  It literally is first in, best dressed.  And yes...I did take note of your name so you can't trick me.  Haha.

Good luck everyone.  Once we have a winner, I will pay you your reward for being fashion first in-world.


  1. i wish i was the bunneh!! do i get points for wishes??

  2. I can turn your wishes into airplanes...doh, that's a song. lol You a a bunneh...a yummy bunny.

    Hmmm. Now I thought I'd have a winner by now. Come on can buy a pair of GOS shoes for grand. Hurry up and spot yourself.

  3. Oh I'm the girl in green, do I got? :) Melany seerose

  4. OMG I only just read this. $1000L coming your way Melany. Sorry for the delay. xx YAY a winner at last.