Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ode To Donna.

Like so, so many of you, I'm saddened to hear that the heart and soul of Donna Flora, Squinternet Larnia, is unwell.  A few posts back I mentioned that I wanted to feature two complete Donna Flora outfits and this is my second installment.  Please check out the Love Donna Flora blog for more information on how we can become involved.

I'm sure every little bit helps so went shopping at her store to create something pretty and uplifting which isn't difficult given the amazing selection of outfits.

I was drawn to this dress fittingly called 'BonBon'.  I feel like a wonderful, decadently wrapped present.  Anyone want to open me?

As I said, I wanted to be 'Donna Flora'd' from head to toe and apart from the skin and hair, everything else is pure Squinternet.

I'm loving the fusion of the dress with the two tone pink 'Milva' heels.  Good choice Cha!

I think Squinternet does the best jewellery.  The details are exquisite and you only have to cam in close to see the intricate work involved in each piece.  I chose the 'Gloria' set for this outfit with color change hud and its stunning.  How utterly fitting that she won the BOSL Award for Best Jewellery in 2011.

Now the hair was either a freebe or dollarbie from Hair Fair 2013 created by Loovus Dzevavor called 'Hourglass'.  It was a fat pack and I chose to show the color 'Ditzie 1'.  I love the interplay between the hair and the's bouffant all the way darlings. Hopefully this hair will be available in store too once the Fair has finished.

Although I have never met Squinternet, it is through her creations that she speaks to me (and all of us who have ever worn her designs).  I send you heart-felt thanks for sharing yourself in SL and making it a more beautiful place to dwell.  While we may not enjoy your designs in their physical form, there's nothing virtual about your artistry and the fact we can take pictures and capture the brilliance.

Hair: Hourglass in Ditzie 1 tone by Loovus Dzevavor
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (make up # 7)) by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Twilight Sea by Mayfly
Hands: By Slink
Nails: By Nailed It @ Baiastice
Dress: BonBon in Pink by Donna Flora
Shoes: Milva in Pink by Donna Flora
Necklace, Earrings and Rings: Gloria by Donna Flora
Location: Plaaka

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