Monday, November 30, 2009

Blessed Are The Pose Makers

Yes I know this has already been blogged and it may seem that I'm lagging badly, pardon the pun, but the recent pose sale at Niqotine Pose Store got me thinking about poses.  I have had a love/hate relationship with them since I first learned to walk, literally, in SL.  When I think about the amount of $L's I have spent on huds, AO's, walks and poses in the past only to get home and find some of them dud's.  Or perhaps that was me?  Yes I think I've contributed a fair amount of 'duddage' to the art of movement in SL but eventually I learned what was good, bad and plain ole ugly.

I do have a weakness for poses and when you think about it, for anyone who models, blogs or just loves taking pics of themselves, poses are an integral part of our expression.  I personally love poses that closely resemble RL catwalk when a model walks, stops briefly, looks mean and then turns for the walk back.  I'm always watching the European fashion shows on Foxtel and keep a keen eye on the models silhouettes.

Dropping in to Niqotine the other day paying $1L a pose, I was really impressed with them and took some shots on my roof (see below).  I certainly got value for money for what I believe are quality poses.  I then wondered about what makes good and bad poses in SL and having had a crack at Qavimator, I realize that a lot of work must go into good poses and particularly, moving poses.  My attempts were nothing short of spectacular in that I managed to make myself look like a scarecrow once I brought them in-world.  Anyone got any corn they want protecting??????

Some of my favorite poses have been from:

Of course there are a gazillion more pose makers that are doing wonderful stuff.  I just picked a few of my favs that came to mind.  One of my pet hates is losing my ass when I use a sitting or bending pose and I'm sure you all know what I mean unless you have a JLo butt and then I'd like to see what happens to it.  The number of times I have to use PS to put my ass back when using some poses just makes me thankful it was invented. 

Anyway thank you Niqotine for selling such great poses so cheaply.  They will become firm faves when I want something different.  I popped over there just prior to posting this and the sale was still going. 

Pose makers I salute you because you offer an essential SL service by creating color and movement.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a secret, shhhhhh!

Every Monday morning I get up at 6.30am, grab a cappuccino, stumble into my study and turn on the computer before I conquer my work day.  Half-asleep and looking absolutely non-fabulous, I click in to SCD for my dose of delectable drama SL style.  I confess, I have been doing this since it started even during my long Sabbatical from SL.  Why?  Because I am a drama strumpet once removed.  I admit, I like reading about who hates who, who hates what and who's doing who but my desire is essentially not to stir the pot despite the fact that I did lapse once or twice, it is simply that I love to be in the loop. 

I assume it is a character flaw that I need, no want, to get the juicy goss on those in-world.  I rather enjoy it from the sidelines but have no wish to be the instigator.  The tale inevitably stops with me as I don't use networks such as Twitter, Plurk or Face Book to communicate...I want to know then I'm satisfied to leave it there.

So there you have it.  I'm a SLecret addict in addition to any piece of news that is remotely drama-laden.  Am I really that different from most of you?  I tend to think not.  Isn't that why God invented the humble glass tumbler?   To hold it up against the wall to hear whats happening next door?

Anyway keep it up SCD and others who feel the need to share SL tales of drama, intrigue and tantalizing tid-bits.  Oh I can feel the wrath of you all now tutting at my confession.  My intellectual, empathetic side tuts along with you but it's the paparazzi loving, dish-the-dirt side of me that seems to surface in SL.  I'll say five Hail Linden's and rezz a rosary for my sins.

 In the meantime, I'll share some SLecrets of my own.

Don't forget to check your tyre pressure :-)

The Owl and The Pussycat - inspired by Stitch by Stitch Owly Skirt

Inspiration comes from anywhere and when I popped on this Owly skirt from Stitch by Stitch kindly given to me a while ago by designer  Sevenstar Amat, once again I was blown away by the intricate work and quirky theme of this piece.  The owl in the picture above is Seven's artwork seen on the skirt hanging like a Scottish sporran.  You've got to love an beautiful and wise and the idea of the Owl and The Pussycat immediately jumped in my head.

The Owly skirt I have on is in Mud but it looks more like Forest Green hounds tooth material to me.  Regardless, the material/texture is wonderful and the belt of the same materiel holds said owly with a gold chain attached to a pear shape ornament and tassel is just what we've come to expect from the sewing room of Stitch by Stitch.

While in my Stitch by Stitch portion of the wardrobe, I found the Elizabeth jumper in Chestnut, a thick woolen vision with puff shoulders atop of cute knitted bows on the sleeves.  It was the perfect accompaniment in texture and thickness for the skirt and those cold winter days supping eggnog heavy with brandy.  Having fallen deeply in love with these Courtisane La Vivien red boots, there was no contest.  On they went too.

I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together.  Its quirky and clever and like all of Seven's clothes, reveals a little hidden treasure.

Shopping list:
Skin:  Jesse in Sunkiss by Belleza
Hair: Charli in Natural Blond from Maitreya
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #4 by Nany Merlin
Jumper: Elizabeth in Chestnut from Stitch by Stitch
Skirt: Owly in Mud from Stitch by Stitch
Hair Ribbon: From Adrianna outfit from Stitch by Stitch
Brooch: Granny's Diamond and Pearl Brooch from Stitch by Stitch
Socks: Couture socks by Digit Darkes
Shoes: Coutisane La Vivien in Red
Bangle Left: Line Bangles in Green by eLDee
Bangle Right: Sculpted Sugar Copper Gem Bangle by Fresh Baked Goods

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love You...I Love You Not (so much) - SL Ponderings

What a slack old tart I've been.  I had this half-baked idea of pictorializing some things that I love about SL and some things that, dare I say it, get under my skin.  Of course, it's different for all of us but once I started on my list, I was then stuck between a rock and a hard place not wishing to single out any  person or designer etc.  I was merely thinking about what makes me go WOO and makes me go WAH.

I have learned to appreciate SL for the simplest things rather than saying yes to everything and then realizing I was working as hard as I did in my RL work.  Nah I'm a beach bum with a RL financier and that's how I like it.

I love discovering beautiful sim's.  Seeing things I've never seen before or even things that aren't possible in RL.  This was shot at Where The Wild Things Are wearing a dress from Elate!.

From the moment I somehow made my way from Orientation Island to the free stuff, I managed to unbox an outfit I clicked on and it revealed a little skirt.  These skirts that sit off the hips like a clowns collar just make me wince like I've sucked on a lemon.  I have a particular aversion to the really short one's though.  When I go random shopping,, if these little skirts appear in a shop, I get my run on and scamper as fast as I can.

There is something so magical about Christmas in SL.  The amazing sims that people spend hours creating, the snow that I've never seen in RL and being able to share how people celebrate around the world.  I once went to a Linden snow fight for my first SL Christmas but alas, I couldn't work out how to launch my snowball so I ended up being the target.  I'm short on primmage but I've made allowances for my Chrissie trees this year.  I'm having a beach Christmas just like I do in Australia.  

Now I have to say these DeLa Celine Zebra shoes are wonderful and make the foot look as good as is possible without prim feet but au natural SL ankles and toes are HORRIBLE.  Me wishes that there was something that could be done with them without having to amputate your feet for pretend ones that quite frankly, I'm still rubbish at fitting.  Thank god for liquify and clone brush in PS.  Well at least that's what I use but I do have my L-Plates on with PS.

Okay so this is just an extension of my RL love...swimming.  Having purchased my most proudest item to date, my Scarlet Creative Let Me Hang Art pre-fab house complete with pool, I have enjoyed just floating around while I clean my inventory or read the SL fash mags.  I actually wanted to change the water texture and low and behold, after hours of tp'ing around the place, found the water I like and somehow put it in the pool. 

When I was a noob,  I seemed to have lost my style.  Maybe because I hadn't quite made it to anywhere yet that I considered sold my style.  Silly skirts, ill fitting shoes, bra tops and lots of PVC were all I could see and I thought, 'when in Rome'.  Along with the quite lengthy evolution of Chalice came some disasterous choices in skin, hair and eyes.  I just couldn't get eyes blue enough until  one day I cammed around and scared myself.  I looked like an extra from "Village of the Damned".  I hadn't quite appreciated how offputting these pools of iridescent blue looked to those around me.

Oh I know, I know.  Sometimes I do get a bit over the big pavlova dresses around the place but in all reality, it is amazing to be able to dress up like a princess and not have to worry about magic tape.  In my early days I used to strut around the shops in these huge gowns, jeweled up to the eyeballs with a hat on.  Now I feel kind of silly doing that and the only time it felt right was on the cat walk or doing a photo shoot.  But yes, I love that I can glam up like I never would/could in RL.  Here I am wearing the Divine Ice Gown that is a free gift from Staged to its group members as is the lilac gown at the beginning of this post.

Controversial as this may be, the inclination of SL residents putting everything in their mouth but the kitchen sink is grating on me lately.  A ciggie yeah, but I think I saw a crushed Christmas elf the other day.  Is it due to people who's rooting reflex never ceased in adult life?  Anyway each to their own.  I guess I'm just jealous because I have an over-developed gag reflex.

That's all from me chickens.   Have a lovely week and remember to brush your teeth.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Urban Safari - I Love Game

The streets are a jungle with danger at every turn.  Natural born killers lurk  in the shadows ready to pounce if they smell fear so looking the part is important when you head off on safari in the dark, dank city. 

Hunting and collecting food is an important skill, so Chalice bags her catch at the popcorn machine.

 Wanna pop my corn?

Fighting wild beasts and fending off unwanted attention in the heart of the urban jungle takes  strength and courage.  Chalice takes great delight in sitting among her quarry which have been stuffed for posterity. 

Wanna see my pillows?

Standing in the lush canopy of green camouflaged from the head-hunters and jungle natives, Chalice spots a lone hunter and stands her ground.

Wanna see my weapon?

Chalice encourages him to come closer.  Slowly, slowly the hunter approaches Chalice relying on his instincts to flee if he senses danger.  He looks deep into her eyes as Chalice  reveals her weapon to the hunter and he falls to his knees in submission.

Wanna be my shopping partner?

The hunter, hypnotized by her beauty and a hairs breath away from saying yes, uses every ounce of will power to resist Chalice's offer.  He takes flight and as quick as a puma, runs  into the jungle to his certain death rather than face the fate awaiting  him as Chalice's shopping bud.

Chalice sat and pondered what might have been if her handsome hunter had stayed with her for all time.  Chalice looked over at her trophy wall and while sad that another had declined her invitation, felt a certain sense of satisfaction that she had added to her collection.  Hanging on the wall, he made a very good coat stand.

Shopping List:
Hair: Animal Forest in Black from Mayamaya Designs
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green 4 by Nany Merlin
Skin: Jesse in Sunkiss Make Up 11 by Belleza
Nails: Black Manicure by Melissinha Palen
Outfit: Toume Nora by Convoitise
Boots: Midnight in Black by Fuel 
Earrings: Antonia Silver earrings by DeLa
Belt: Embossed Wide Belt from Coco
Location:  Drowsy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My New Favorite Dress - It Smine...All Smine.

Hold on to your hats girls, Seven has done it this time.

I am in love with this dress...I don't want anyone else wearing this smine.

Okay that wouldn't be fair for Sevenstar Amat, the creative genius that is Stitch by Stitch but I want it all for me.  I do believe it was released tonight (my time) so quickly took some snap-a-roos because I wanted to blog it before bed.  Note the clever use of the flowers on the bodice and how the brown flower co-ordinates with the belt.  There's a cheeky tush ruffle on the derriere....oooooo it's adorable.

Ladies & gents, I give you the Miss Kylie - no I don't, yes I do, no I don't....oh for gods sake here it is :-(

Click for a larger look.

Shopping List:
Hair: Tatus Happy Blond by Fri
Skin: Jesse in Sunkiss Make Up 11 by Belleza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes Green 4 by Nany Merlin
Dress/Bag/Belt: Miss Kylie from Stitch By Stitch
Shoes: Vintage Heels in Black Pearl by Gibberish
Hat: Betty Elegance Hat in Black by Elegance Hats - modified feathers to match dress

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Miss Virtual World 2010 - is it rude to nude up on stage?

This is the Miss Virtual World in-world kiosk designed by the talented Miss Absinthe Primrose.  I rezzed it on my roof and thought I would share it on my blog because it's really quite gorgeous.  Never able to resist a moment on stage, I nuded up and found a position where my nether regions were covered, popped on some diamond pasties and donned a tiara.  Couldn't find my Miss VW crown from last year  for coming 4th runner up so hope my recent inventory clean out didn't include that.

Of course this is not about me.  It is all about the 23 beautiful finalists who are on the precipice of learning who will become Miss Virtual World for 2010.  For those who don't know, the pageant is scheduled for the 19th of November at 11am at the Patch Thibaud auditorium, the largest 4 sim theatre in SL. 

Lovely work's darling :-)

Taking It To The Streets Again - Fashion or Flop?

Do we live in fashion Nirvana or what?  I took my work worn body to the streets of SL again this week and using the LM's provided by a fellow blogger advertising 50 L Friday's.  I picked two random ones that transported me to This Is Fawn and Elate to covertly stalk residents late night shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people tp'ing was a veritable banquet of shoppers taking advantage of the sales that have begun to make Fridays even more fun.  Another surprise was the diverse styles of fashion gathering before me.  Cha and Fash-Cam were working overtime jostling for position to take individual shots unbeknown to the fashionistas on deck.

I just love the fact that people are dressing from top-to-toe.  Hats, bags, gloves, belts etc were aplenty and just shows that SL consumers want the whole look and aren't afraid to mix it up.  One girl even came in reading a fashion magazine which I thought was just adorable.

An hour later and my work was done.  See what you think of the looks I captured.  I returned home heartily satisfied that so many people are embracing SL fashion and mashing up some terrific looks.

Don't forget, it could be you next time :-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clothes Horse - Wanna Ride With Me?

I can't really describe my fashion sense,  probably because I love so many different styles and looks.  I don't have one style that I'm known for, rather my moods dictate what I like on any given day.  SL offers us a plethora of options and what I love most is the opportunity to sometimes wear BIG dresses.  I'm not into them in RL so the flounce, fluff and formality of some of these gowns allows me to indulge me girly side. 

I not only love wearing them when the mood takes me, I love photographing them which is when they really become the star.  It always seems a shame to me that designers create these magnificent pieces only to stay in my inventory lost and forgotten among the thousands of other clothes I just have to have.  Sometimes I think I buy so much that I never fully appreciate the beauty of each piece so blogging is a way to show my appreciation and memorialize the purchase.  I'm definitely slowing down with my spending habits and whilst I'm not a blogger showing every new item within 5 minutes of it's release, I like to pay homage to the many designers by creating a photographic memory.

So here are some oldies but definitely goodies.

Dress:  Gloriosa Lily by Modern Gipsy
Earrings: Love Eternal in Turquoise from BLD

Dress:  New York from  Atlantide Gallery Shop
Hat: The Fanciest Party You Never Attended Hat from Split Pea
Earrings:  Silver Drop Earring from UnTone

Dress: Olivia Gown from VictoriaV
Hat: Hat de la Plume by Leezu
Shoes: Group Gift Pumps in Khaki by Maitreya
Bangles: Sugar Copper Gem Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods

Dress/Earrings:  Blue Night dress by Riviera Couture
Hat: Dent Hat by  Wild O

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, one thing is for sure, you won't be overlooked in a crowded room.  Have a happy Monday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Excuse me, your pubes are showing. Or is that your fashion statement?

Have you noticed something latesly on the fashion feeds or do I have a particularly honed pube radar?  A little something is sneaking into fashion and it's a bit of a curley one in my opinion.  Over the last few weeks, checking out all that fabulousness on the feeds, I have been 'EWWWWing" quite a bit at what used to be a fashion faux pas but now appears to be a fashion statement.

What's with all the pubes guys?  An errant hair here and there is unavoidable but landing strips peeking out of impossibly low jeans and shorts that are unzipped/unbuttoned look like an arrow pointing to your tra la la saying 'look at me'.  But I don't want to look at you...down there.

So I'm making a one woman stand to say NO.  NO PUBES ON THE TUBE.  I do love my fellow bloggers to bits but I just don't want to see your bits if you know what I mean.  So whip out your waxing pots and do up your pants or at the very least, pop your shaved version on.  :-)

Come on dudes...let's leave a bit of mystery.  What would Christmas be if all the presents were unwrapped?

The views contained in this blog post are not representative of  other SL residents.  I'm sure there's lots of you who love a bit of pube-a-rama I just don't happen to be one of them. :-)))  Ciao till next time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Power To The Flower

I'm a sucker for a flower.  They make me happy and remind me that someone knew what they were doing when the earth was created.  Have you closely looked at a hoya, a beautifuly formed  rose or smelled the incredible scent of the frangipani?  Nature is where I think real beauty exists.  So feeling some flower power was the order of the day, I searched the wardrobe and found another stunner from Stitch by Stitch titled 'May Shower'.  Seven has done a wonderful job of the bubble skirt which is not easy as I have found with other similar styles...your legs often come out of the skirt but this one is perfect.  This sits really well and I love the flower edging around the decolletage.  Colored flower clusters are strewn around the skirt and the tulle belt adds some whimsy.

Searching for more flowers, I checked through my hat boxes and found a gorgeous coronet of roses and ivy from Gumi's Bad Box.  At that I got a touch of the Ophelia's and raided the jewellery box for more flower adornments.   I couldn't go past Eshi Otawara's Sunflower necklace and earrings.

Like many of you I love a funky pair of socks, tights or stockings and after discovering Pig, I now have my favorite, being the Peacock Socks.  They are so well drawn because the wrinkles, creases and shading are so realistic.  So get some pork on your fork and check out  Pig :-)

My heroine, onyx leshelle, whom I have never met but admire for her ability to recreate RL fashion in SL to an incredible standard via her Maitreya empire, gave these shoes away as a group gift.  They come in a fantabulous array of colors and will come in very handy for mix 'n' matching outfits in the future. 

The Shopping List:
Hair:  Deena in Happy Blond from fri   
Skin:  Jesse in Sunkiss (Make Up 9) by Belleza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green 2 by Nany Merlin
Dress Incl belt:  May Shower Dress from Stitch By Stitch
Shoes:  Maitreye Group Gift Pumps in Magenta
Stockings:  Peacock Tights by Pig
Hair Piece: Flower Crown by  Gumi's Bad Box
Earrings/Necklace: Sunflower created by Eshi Otawara
Nails: Color 1a from the Nail Station

BTW - I turned up, albeit late, to the press function to introduce the Miss Virtual World finalists.  My primary goal was  to support my friend Ella Quinsette who is Miss UK.  Having represented Australia last year, this competition is close to my heart and Ella Bella was there for me gee'ing me on via IM's that I couldn't miss her moment to shine, and shine she did.  In saying that, all the girls are gorgeous darlings and are deserving winners of the crown.  My personal favorite is Miss Ella however.  I have watched her over the last two years put her heart and soul into modeling and mentoring/upskilling new models and she is just the sweetest thing ever to walk  in two Stiletto Moody's.  Go Ella.  Permit me to indulge in a little Ella love with a piccie I took of her.

Anyway SLovers...have a safe, happy and prosperous week.  Death to all content thieves.  Well a serious maiming perhaps.  Which ever side of the fence you sat during the Artists' Voice and Step Up campaigns, it was lovely to see such passion and in a sense, unity, against those scum bags who steal other people talents.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking It To The Streets - Fashion or Fail.

I love nothing better than to get out around the grid and avatar watch. Getting a feel for what is out there in terms of what people are wearing is part of a designers research.

It's also fun to see who hit it and who missed. Blogs like SL Fashion Police and What The Fug certainly show us in gory detail who missed but not everyone misses so spectacularly. Sometimes it the small stuff that lets an outfit down, or too much hair, or accessories that just overpower or colors that just clash. I took to the streets to photograph what I saw and it was fun, fun, fun.

Admittedly it was the SL graveyard shift as it usually is for me when I get to play in SL but nonetheless, there were people about.

See for yourself what people are wearing and next week, it could be YOU.

So next time you go out shopping, you might be in Taking It To The Streets too.

Chal's Shopping List:
Hair: Green in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Skin: Jesse Sunkiss (Make Up 9) by Belliza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Grey by Nany Merlin
Top/Pants:  Briller Bleur Dress Soliel by JE Republic
Skirt:  Berlin Starlet from Stitch by Stitch
Shoes: Vintage Heels in Ruby by GibberishStockings:
Hair piece: Briller Bleur Soliel headpiece by JE Republic:
Bangle: Sugar Gold Gem Bangles by Fresh Baked Goods
Earrings: Berlioz Orange Earrings by DeLa
Necklace: Mae Hong Song Neckrings by Chapeau tres Mignon
Nails: AN Orange Nails by
Petit Ange