Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking It To The Streets - Fashion or Fail.

I love nothing better than to get out around the grid and avatar watch. Getting a feel for what is out there in terms of what people are wearing is part of a designers research.

It's also fun to see who hit it and who missed. Blogs like SL Fashion Police and What The Fug certainly show us in gory detail who missed but not everyone misses so spectacularly. Sometimes it the small stuff that lets an outfit down, or too much hair, or accessories that just overpower or colors that just clash. I took to the streets to photograph what I saw and it was fun, fun, fun.

Admittedly it was the SL graveyard shift as it usually is for me when I get to play in SL but nonetheless, there were people about.

See for yourself what people are wearing and next week, it could be YOU.

So next time you go out shopping, you might be in Taking It To The Streets too.

Chal's Shopping List:
Hair: Green in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Skin: Jesse Sunkiss (Make Up 9) by Belliza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Grey by Nany Merlin
Top/Pants:  Briller Bleur Dress Soliel by JE Republic
Skirt:  Berlin Starlet from Stitch by Stitch
Shoes: Vintage Heels in Ruby by GibberishStockings:
Hair piece: Briller Bleur Soliel headpiece by JE Republic:
Bangle: Sugar Gold Gem Bangles by Fresh Baked Goods
Earrings: Berlioz Orange Earrings by DeLa
Necklace: Mae Hong Song Neckrings by Chapeau tres Mignon
Nails: AN Orange Nails by
Petit Ange

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