Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love You...I Love You Not (so much) - SL Ponderings

What a slack old tart I've been.  I had this half-baked idea of pictorializing some things that I love about SL and some things that, dare I say it, get under my skin.  Of course, it's different for all of us but once I started on my list, I was then stuck between a rock and a hard place not wishing to single out any  person or designer etc.  I was merely thinking about what makes me go WOO and makes me go WAH.

I have learned to appreciate SL for the simplest things rather than saying yes to everything and then realizing I was working as hard as I did in my RL work.  Nah I'm a beach bum with a RL financier and that's how I like it.

I love discovering beautiful sim's.  Seeing things I've never seen before or even things that aren't possible in RL.  This was shot at Where The Wild Things Are wearing a dress from Elate!.

From the moment I somehow made my way from Orientation Island to the free stuff, I managed to unbox an outfit I clicked on and it revealed a little skirt.  These skirts that sit off the hips like a clowns collar just make me wince like I've sucked on a lemon.  I have a particular aversion to the really short one's though.  When I go random shopping,, if these little skirts appear in a shop, I get my run on and scamper as fast as I can.

There is something so magical about Christmas in SL.  The amazing sims that people spend hours creating, the snow that I've never seen in RL and being able to share how people celebrate around the world.  I once went to a Linden snow fight for my first SL Christmas but alas, I couldn't work out how to launch my snowball so I ended up being the target.  I'm short on primmage but I've made allowances for my Chrissie trees this year.  I'm having a beach Christmas just like I do in Australia.  

Now I have to say these DeLa Celine Zebra shoes are wonderful and make the foot look as good as is possible without prim feet but au natural SL ankles and toes are HORRIBLE.  Me wishes that there was something that could be done with them without having to amputate your feet for pretend ones that quite frankly, I'm still rubbish at fitting.  Thank god for liquify and clone brush in PS.  Well at least that's what I use but I do have my L-Plates on with PS.

Okay so this is just an extension of my RL love...swimming.  Having purchased my most proudest item to date, my Scarlet Creative Let Me Hang Art pre-fab house complete with pool, I have enjoyed just floating around while I clean my inventory or read the SL fash mags.  I actually wanted to change the water texture and low and behold, after hours of tp'ing around the place, found the water I like and somehow put it in the pool. 

When I was a noob,  I seemed to have lost my style.  Maybe because I hadn't quite made it to anywhere yet that I considered sold my style.  Silly skirts, ill fitting shoes, bra tops and lots of PVC were all I could see and I thought, 'when in Rome'.  Along with the quite lengthy evolution of Chalice came some disasterous choices in skin, hair and eyes.  I just couldn't get eyes blue enough until  one day I cammed around and scared myself.  I looked like an extra from "Village of the Damned".  I hadn't quite appreciated how offputting these pools of iridescent blue looked to those around me.

Oh I know, I know.  Sometimes I do get a bit over the big pavlova dresses around the place but in all reality, it is amazing to be able to dress up like a princess and not have to worry about magic tape.  In my early days I used to strut around the shops in these huge gowns, jeweled up to the eyeballs with a hat on.  Now I feel kind of silly doing that and the only time it felt right was on the cat walk or doing a photo shoot.  But yes, I love that I can glam up like I never would/could in RL.  Here I am wearing the Divine Ice Gown that is a free gift from Staged to its group members as is the lilac gown at the beginning of this post.

Controversial as this may be, the inclination of SL residents putting everything in their mouth but the kitchen sink is grating on me lately.  A ciggie yeah, but I think I saw a crushed Christmas elf the other day.  Is it due to people who's rooting reflex never ceased in adult life?  Anyway each to their own.  I guess I'm just jealous because I have an over-developed gag reflex.

That's all from me chickens.   Have a lovely week and remember to brush your teeth.


  1. *claps*

    I really loved this fun post. ROFL at a crushed Christmas elf mouth accessory. I'm not a fan of running around with things hanging out of my SL mouth either . . . unless maybe they're tiny little people.

  2. Okay, glad it's not just me with the mouth thing. I don't even keep the cigarette in my mouth. I have a holder for that lol.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Em. A comment from you has made my day because I love your blog to bits.

    Thanks for commenting Rouge. See you was brung up right using a holder and all. :-)

    Call me crazy, but I swear the feed's today were full of mouth hardware.