Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clothes Horse - Wanna Ride With Me?

I can't really describe my fashion sense,  probably because I love so many different styles and looks.  I don't have one style that I'm known for, rather my moods dictate what I like on any given day.  SL offers us a plethora of options and what I love most is the opportunity to sometimes wear BIG dresses.  I'm not into them in RL so the flounce, fluff and formality of some of these gowns allows me to indulge me girly side. 

I not only love wearing them when the mood takes me, I love photographing them which is when they really become the star.  It always seems a shame to me that designers create these magnificent pieces only to stay in my inventory lost and forgotten among the thousands of other clothes I just have to have.  Sometimes I think I buy so much that I never fully appreciate the beauty of each piece so blogging is a way to show my appreciation and memorialize the purchase.  I'm definitely slowing down with my spending habits and whilst I'm not a blogger showing every new item within 5 minutes of it's release, I like to pay homage to the many designers by creating a photographic memory.

So here are some oldies but definitely goodies.

Dress:  Gloriosa Lily by Modern Gipsy
Earrings: Love Eternal in Turquoise from BLD

Dress:  New York from  Atlantide Gallery Shop
Hat: The Fanciest Party You Never Attended Hat from Split Pea
Earrings:  Silver Drop Earring from UnTone

Dress: Olivia Gown from VictoriaV
Hat: Hat de la Plume by Leezu
Shoes: Group Gift Pumps in Khaki by Maitreya
Bangles: Sugar Copper Gem Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods

Dress/Earrings:  Blue Night dress by Riviera Couture
Hat: Dent Hat by  Wild O

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, one thing is for sure, you won't be overlooked in a crowded room.  Have a happy Monday.

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