Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a secret, shhhhhh!

Every Monday morning I get up at 6.30am, grab a cappuccino, stumble into my study and turn on the computer before I conquer my work day.  Half-asleep and looking absolutely non-fabulous, I click in to SCD for my dose of delectable drama SL style.  I confess, I have been doing this since it started even during my long Sabbatical from SL.  Why?  Because I am a drama strumpet once removed.  I admit, I like reading about who hates who, who hates what and who's doing who but my desire is essentially not to stir the pot despite the fact that I did lapse once or twice, it is simply that I love to be in the loop. 

I assume it is a character flaw that I need, no want, to get the juicy goss on those in-world.  I rather enjoy it from the sidelines but have no wish to be the instigator.  The tale inevitably stops with me as I don't use networks such as Twitter, Plurk or Face Book to communicate...I want to know then I'm satisfied to leave it there.

So there you have it.  I'm a SLecret addict in addition to any piece of news that is remotely drama-laden.  Am I really that different from most of you?  I tend to think not.  Isn't that why God invented the humble glass tumbler?   To hold it up against the wall to hear whats happening next door?

Anyway keep it up SCD and others who feel the need to share SL tales of drama, intrigue and tantalizing tid-bits.  Oh I can feel the wrath of you all now tutting at my confession.  My intellectual, empathetic side tuts along with you but it's the paparazzi loving, dish-the-dirt side of me that seems to surface in SL.  I'll say five Hail Linden's and rezz a rosary for my sins.

 In the meantime, I'll share some SLecrets of my own.

Don't forget to check your tyre pressure :-)


  1. lol thank you for this funny post,and i'm a drama whore too;DD

  2. Yay another \0/

    Thanks Chance...if you know any let me know and I'll do the same...lol