Saturday, November 14, 2009

Taking It To The Streets Again - Fashion or Flop?

Do we live in fashion Nirvana or what?  I took my work worn body to the streets of SL again this week and using the LM's provided by a fellow blogger advertising 50 L Friday's.  I picked two random ones that transported me to This Is Fawn and Elate to covertly stalk residents late night shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people tp'ing was a veritable banquet of shoppers taking advantage of the sales that have begun to make Fridays even more fun.  Another surprise was the diverse styles of fashion gathering before me.  Cha and Fash-Cam were working overtime jostling for position to take individual shots unbeknown to the fashionistas on deck.

I just love the fact that people are dressing from top-to-toe.  Hats, bags, gloves, belts etc were aplenty and just shows that SL consumers want the whole look and aren't afraid to mix it up.  One girl even came in reading a fashion magazine which I thought was just adorable.

An hour later and my work was done.  See what you think of the looks I captured.  I returned home heartily satisfied that so many people are embracing SL fashion and mashing up some terrific looks.

Don't forget, it could be you next time :-)


  1. OMG I want the hair the guy is wearing 0_0
    Do you know where I can get it?
    Can you find it out for me pleeeeease?
    Thanks, Chalice <3

  2. Oh Vick...I so wish I could find out for you but I don't get anyone's name when I take the pics nor do I inspect them. I simply take a snap of ppl in a certain area and move on :-( So sorry.

    Let's see if someone reading this can work out where the guy in the first picture's hair is from.

    Faith.....YAY YAY