Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Urban Safari - I Love Game

The streets are a jungle with danger at every turn.  Natural born killers lurk  in the shadows ready to pounce if they smell fear so looking the part is important when you head off on safari in the dark, dank city. 

Hunting and collecting food is an important skill, so Chalice bags her catch at the popcorn machine.

 Wanna pop my corn?

Fighting wild beasts and fending off unwanted attention in the heart of the urban jungle takes  strength and courage.  Chalice takes great delight in sitting among her quarry which have been stuffed for posterity. 

Wanna see my pillows?

Standing in the lush canopy of green camouflaged from the head-hunters and jungle natives, Chalice spots a lone hunter and stands her ground.

Wanna see my weapon?

Chalice encourages him to come closer.  Slowly, slowly the hunter approaches Chalice relying on his instincts to flee if he senses danger.  He looks deep into her eyes as Chalice  reveals her weapon to the hunter and he falls to his knees in submission.

Wanna be my shopping partner?

The hunter, hypnotized by her beauty and a hairs breath away from saying yes, uses every ounce of will power to resist Chalice's offer.  He takes flight and as quick as a puma, runs  into the jungle to his certain death rather than face the fate awaiting  him as Chalice's shopping bud.

Chalice sat and pondered what might have been if her handsome hunter had stayed with her for all time.  Chalice looked over at her trophy wall and while sad that another had declined her invitation, felt a certain sense of satisfaction that she had added to her collection.  Hanging on the wall, he made a very good coat stand.

Shopping List:
Hair: Animal Forest in Black from Mayamaya Designs
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green 4 by Nany Merlin
Skin: Jesse in Sunkiss Make Up 11 by Belleza
Nails: Black Manicure by Melissinha Palen
Outfit: Toume Nora by Convoitise
Boots: Midnight in Black by Fuel 
Earrings: Antonia Silver earrings by DeLa
Belt: Embossed Wide Belt from Coco
Location:  Drowsy

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