Monday, November 30, 2009

Blessed Are The Pose Makers

Yes I know this has already been blogged and it may seem that I'm lagging badly, pardon the pun, but the recent pose sale at Niqotine Pose Store got me thinking about poses.  I have had a love/hate relationship with them since I first learned to walk, literally, in SL.  When I think about the amount of $L's I have spent on huds, AO's, walks and poses in the past only to get home and find some of them dud's.  Or perhaps that was me?  Yes I think I've contributed a fair amount of 'duddage' to the art of movement in SL but eventually I learned what was good, bad and plain ole ugly.

I do have a weakness for poses and when you think about it, for anyone who models, blogs or just loves taking pics of themselves, poses are an integral part of our expression.  I personally love poses that closely resemble RL catwalk when a model walks, stops briefly, looks mean and then turns for the walk back.  I'm always watching the European fashion shows on Foxtel and keep a keen eye on the models silhouettes.

Dropping in to Niqotine the other day paying $1L a pose, I was really impressed with them and took some shots on my roof (see below).  I certainly got value for money for what I believe are quality poses.  I then wondered about what makes good and bad poses in SL and having had a crack at Qavimator, I realize that a lot of work must go into good poses and particularly, moving poses.  My attempts were nothing short of spectacular in that I managed to make myself look like a scarecrow once I brought them in-world.  Anyone got any corn they want protecting??????

Some of my favorite poses have been from:

Of course there are a gazillion more pose makers that are doing wonderful stuff.  I just picked a few of my favs that came to mind.  One of my pet hates is losing my ass when I use a sitting or bending pose and I'm sure you all know what I mean unless you have a JLo butt and then I'd like to see what happens to it.  The number of times I have to use PS to put my ass back when using some poses just makes me thankful it was invented. 

Anyway thank you Niqotine for selling such great poses so cheaply.  They will become firm faves when I want something different.  I popped over there just prior to posting this and the sale was still going. 

Pose makers I salute you because you offer an essential SL service by creating color and movement.

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