Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Miss Virtual World 2010 - A Celebration Of SL Creation? It sure is.

The time is nearly here for the crowning of Miss Virtual World 2010. An event not just to reveal how beautiful avatar's can be but to showcase the talents of clothing designers, pose makers, hair, skin, shoe and jewelery creators under one delightful roof.

Love or hate these forms of competition, you can't deny the enormous efforts of the entrants and organizers.  One thing's for sure...people are talking.

Good luck to everyone involved.  Yes there can only be one winner but sometimes when you lose, you win.  Enjoy the experience and remember it's not all about you...it's celebrating the enormous talents of those who helped get you there.

Go Miss Australia.  Buggar....there isn't one.

1 comment:

  1. i absolutely agree, Chalice! it's about all the amazing content creators/designers in SL who have enabled the few of us to proudly represent them in this group. models are there for showcasing designers to the best of their talents and abilities. so this is a celebration of all of the hard work that designers all put into SL, enabling everyone to have the best choices!

    yes, many of the models in this competition have worked hard for their unique look and style, but without the designers, they would all be ruths wearing system clothes. :))

    best of luck to all, and a fashion show like no other is promised for december 19th. prepare to have the sim crash more than once!