Saturday, December 19, 2009

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas....

If I don't hurry up with this, Christmas will be over.  I do love gold so had fun putting this together.  A bit of whimsy, a bit of LeeZu,  a bit of Sonatta Morales.  I just kept adding.

Shopping List:
Hair:  Hairbase from Estelle Light by LeLutka
Skin:  Estelle Light in Make Up 9 by LeLutka
Eyes:  Expressive Eyes Green 2 by Nany Merlin
Top:  Lime Light Gold Undershirt by Pixel Dolls
Pants:  Lea Vivendi Pants in Gold by LeeZu
Bag: Chain Gold bag by Muism
Shoes: M. Antoinette Empire Falls Shoes by Digit Darkes
Hat:  Goldy Headdress by Sonatta Morales
Bracelet:  From Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress by Redgrave
Necklace:  Luv Necklace in Gold by ::69::
Mask:  Hestia in Golden by Masquerade Parade Mask Boutique
Wings:  Golden Feather wings created by Obunnywan Manimal purchased from Isle of Rfyre

And if I can just indulge for a second, GO ELLA GO.  It's Miss Virtual World today (Sat the 19th) and while I'm cheering on all the girls, my dear friend Ella Quinsette is Miss UK and I would just love her to win.  I send all my best wishes to the contestants and hope you are all happy with how you went at the end of the pageant.  Win, lose or've all done remarkably well to be finalists.