Sunday, December 27, 2009

LeeZu In My Pants!

I absolutely love LeeZu pants.  Somehow she has managed to overcome some of the problems inherent in SL pant making and in my opinion, they look as real as can be.  That funny texturing between the legs that looks weird and unattractive in a lot of pants doesn't seem to be an issue for LeeZu.  I imagine she has spent quite some time perfecting her pieces so that they look as authentic as possible to RL pants.  Of course there are many, many designers who do awesome pants too but I have fallen in love with this collection of LeeZu's called Brit pants.  I know they've been out for a while but when items are as good as this, they deserve all the attention they can get.

LeeZu's Miss Mara scarf is also divoon and what thrills me is the fact that it sits like a dream on the shoulders and moves with the body.

The Designers:

Hair:  Edwina in Silk from Novocaine
Skin:  Jesse in Sunkiss Make Up 9 from Belleza
Eyes:  Expressive Eyes in Green 2 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Thorn by Detour
Nails:  Brown from Petit Ange
Bra:  Intimizzio Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set in Gold from Armidi
Pants:  Brit Pants in Black by LeeZu
Scarf: Miss Mara Scarf in Ethno Gold by LeeZu
Shoes:  Esprit Xtd Noir by Maitreya Gold
Bracelet:  From Cienega's Chocolate Sin outfit by Eshi
Earrings:  Antonia Earrings in Brown by DeLa
Belly Ring:  Diamond Belly Ring With Drop Diamond by Dex's Jewelry

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