Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorating - Better Than Sex

OK I'm breaking my own rule of not saturating the feeds with Christmas inspired posts too early but I had this overwhelming desire to take some late night photo's after I'd decorated my house.  Keep in mind, over 2 years in SL and no place of my own before so this feels special.  I'll be decorating RL home next week so I get to enjoy it twice.

Prims are a bit thin on the ground at home but this is not suprising given what I've done with the land and the house.  I had to be frugal - no snow flittering from the sky, huge santa's or snowmen that would eat up my precious prims.  I TP'd around looking at something more unusual yet conservative with the prim count. 

So let me share a few photo's of some of my Christmas decs with the lights OFF.  It was actually quite lovely to set the environment to midnight and just see the water and decorations glow in the night after I'd finished. 

All I need now is to get Ms Barlett from Scarlet Creative to help me find my front door and reattach it so I can hang a Christmas wreath on it.  Damn thing few off when I rezzed the house...entirely my fault mind you.  I think I pressed the wrong button.

Tree created by Caliandris Pendragon from Cali's Christmas Shop

Christmas Card Wreath made by Lunata Lupino from LL Design
Christmas Bauble's - Group gift from AnaLee Balut at ALB Dream Fashion
Fireplace by Jenny Minogue from Plush Pod
Glass Bottles by Colleen Desmoulins from The Loft

Christmas Trees made by Lunata Lupino from LL Design

And then I really did it.  Certain that Santa wouldn't empty his sack all over  my bed on Christmas Eve because I'd been such a naughty girl, I caught a cab to LeLutka and before I knew it I had pressed the pay button and was the proud owner of an Estelle Light fat pack.   Sorry Tricky.  I always thought it would be just you and I together forever but Minnu had cast her spell on me and I couldn't resist.  There's enough of me to go round you know and you gotta love the skin you're in.

For someone who proclaimed she was going to hardly spend anything in SL....I LIED.  It'l be just me and my fat pack sitting on a park bench I can see it now. 

Sorry...two posts in one night.   I'll stop now.

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