Sunday, December 20, 2009

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas...

Oh the pressure, the pressure of posting the last 6 days but I'm going to do it because the pics are taken and it took me ages to put them together.  I'm not wasting the effort lol.

I have always loved this dress from Pixel Fashion and have it in brown too.  The hair from Diorsis is something to behold and I'm still trying to work out what's in the cage.  Balls I think and you can't have too many balls I've always said.

OK it's not the sort of thing you'd wear to meet the BF's mother unless she's Vivienne Westwood or Phyllis Diller (only two crazy old birds I could think of), but sometimes I work on the premise that Less is Less.  Really it was a good excuse to bring out the BF lashes for an airing.

Shopping list:

Hair:  Catwalk Blond Cage Hair by Diorsis
Skin:  Jesse Sunkiss Make Up 12 by Belleza
Eyes:  Expressive Eyes in Blue 4 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Fushia Feather Lashes by Bianca Foulon
Dress:  Tixy Puple Feather Dress by Pixel Fashion
Boa: Bolero Black by Liberte Fashion
Gloves:  Black Fur Gloves by Atelier AM
Stockings:  Candy Star Stockings by Amerie
Shoes:  Audrey Pumps by AlaLee Balut
Earrings:  Retro Glass Chunk Earrings by Shiny Things
Cigarette Holder: by Mika

And before I go, just wanted to say a huge congrats to the winner of Miss Virtual World, Miss Miaa Rebane.  I have to say she looked absolutely stunning in her evening gown.  I could be wrong but I think it was designed by Nicky Ree.  It seriously was the most amazing gown I've seen.  Darling Ella was 4th runner up and I'm thrilled for her. 

I managed to catch some of it but due to SL issues and possibly too many ppl in the sims, everyone kept crashing.  I managed to put together a look of 400 ARC without my shoes on.  Didn't need shoes anyway cause my feet were buried in the ground.  I really like this look that I wore.

The dress was from Convoitise called Atsuko courte noir and I thought it was fitting because I won it and other dresses from that label when I placed in last year's pageant.  Skin and hair from LeLutka, jewellery from 24 and hair needle from Mika. 

Anyway, till next time :-)

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