Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On The Fourth Day of Christmas......

God I'm dumb.  I was supposed to wear this outfit for the Three French Hens shot but I got my birds mixed up.  Serves me right for rushing.  Anyhow, fashion doesn't have to be all serious and so cool global warming would be a thing of the past.  Sometimes it's fun to theme up to create a story in a kitsch kinda way.  Of course my French Maid outfit was supposed to compliment my french hens but calling birds will have to do. 

We are so lucky in SL that we have a plethora of costumes to choose from for those times where we want to recreate a scene.  I really remind myself of  Bridget Marquardt from 'The Girls Next Door'' in my love of creating a theme...SL is the perfect platform for this and you just have to look at the feeds and flickr to see how many people love to do it too.

This is a four Yip outfit...Yippe for Yip.  She's my favorite fantasy specialist.

Shopping List:

Hair:  Berlin Blonde by Cake
Skin:  Estelle Light in Make Up 12 by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Gray by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Pixel Fashion Tinted Lashes in Black
Nails:  French Pink by Detour
Dress:  French Souvenir by Four Yip (incl. broom)
Socks:  Calzinotulle in White from Bianca Foulon
Shoes:  Black Patent Pumps from Stiletto Moody
Tiara: Princess Rose Diamond Tiara from Dahlinks
Ring:   Women's White Gold Gemstone ring from Prinny's Prims

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