Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder...Or The One Who Made The Shape.

OK this is not meant to be a nasty post, really it isn't despite how it might look.

I was at Maitreya just people watching when in came this girl who from where I was standing, looked very striking.  I actually liked her shirt and cammed in to take a closer look when I noticed her face.  What seemed a very pretty av at distance, changed dramatically upon closer inspection.

It was her eyes that nearly made my RL eyes bulge too.  There was this girl  where 99% of her av was normal and the other 1% looked downright alien.  Her facial structure was amazing for want of a better word...her jaw and cheeks were jagged and moving to the side, her eyes were positively bulging out of their sockets.  The pictures don't actually replicate how rough the features were and it reminded me how interesting it is to see  how people want to be represented in SL.  I'm not talking about people who deliberately create a weird or exotic avi, but the one's who attempt to recreate their perception of human perfection.

I'm all for unique looking avi's but there is a line between nailing it and not.  It just goes to show that shape creation and the ability to use the sliders so that from all angles you ensure rounded edges is not as easy as it first appears. 

I find it fascinating what people come up with when they are attempting to create a normal, human-like avi.  The one's who get featured on What The Fug? and SL Fashion Police to name but two might have what I call ADD.  Avatar Dysmorphic Disorder.

Just another layer of SL that intriques me :-)


  1. Well, in her defense, her skin is LAQ's Lacie, which is heavily shaded under the eyes to begin with. It's my favorite skin atm, but not for all shapes, that's for sure. Personally, I finally gave up on messing with sliders and just bought I always thought I looked fabulous until I got next to an avi with a decent shape and realized that I had serious ADD. ;) Some avi's just need a slider intetervention!

  2. I appreciate this post because it articulates thoughts that I have had as I observe avatars in SL. I was just thinking yesterday that it seems like if ever there were a venue in which every single avatar could be cookie-cutter gorgeous, SL is it, and yet instead there is a wide range of what each individual (and each designer, too) decides looks gorgeous, and some of it amazes me because I have such a negative reaction to it.

    Yet don't many of us have negative reactions to the photos of some of the RL celebrity plastic surgery jobs? It seems the more we try to take control of our appearance, be it through SL or plastic surgery in RL, the more potential we have to lose all perspective and have no idea what it is others see when they look at us.

  3. I think some people just don't know to use cam properly and see themselves from each corner,sometimes they buy perfect shape but they need to "fix" it a bit,and I'm finding very sensitive to mantion someone that he/she could work out the shape,I'm sure they're think for themselves that they looks perfect.
    Vision of the beauty is relatively...I needed about few months to ask my best friend to correct his shape,but he agree after all:)
    The shape is the first thing I check on avie,good shape is most important,but it's impossible to have full grid of perfect avies,just like in rl.

  4. hey i hope you asked for "a life" for christmas, so you finally get one. hah

  5. Actually I asked for a kayak from Santa. I was going to ask for a first class trip around the world but I actually did that in August/September. Just came back from the Great Barrier Reef last week too. Heading off to Vietnam next year...I wish I had a life :-(

    Thanks for your concern Anon 8.16pm. Its touching...merry Christmas and I hope Santa empties his sac at your place this year too.

    Hugz all.