Saturday, September 18, 2010

SPOTLIGHT ON...LionSkins and introducing the soon to be released Zora.

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Here is my interview with the irrepressible Lion Jonesford, skin maker extraordinaire of LionSkins.

(CC) When did you open LionSkins?

(LJ) LionSkins first opened its doors 3 years ago now.

(CC) Why skins particularly?

(LJ) I was already doing airbrush art in my first life for films, effects, and adverts etc and it inspired me to try adding these types of art to skins for people to wear.

(CC) When you opened your first shop, how many different skin lines did you have for sale?

(LJ) When LionSkins first opened, we only had one skin line called ZEE and it came in five skin tones. I started with only one skin line to see what the response would be to something so different from what was already available in world.

(CC) Were there any particular skin designers who inspired your early work?

(LJ) Yeah, after seeing all the noob style skins in the market, I was really inspired to make better quality skins available for all, especially after seeing a very glamorous lady, I knew it was possible to do.

(CC) What kind of woman wears LionSkins? Who do you market to?

(LJ) LionSkins aims for free spirits, someone who isn't afraid to be different and stand out from the crowd. There are no rules on how to wear or when to wear, with pixel makeup you can’t mess it up when you go to sleep lol.

(CC) Which skin line are you most proud of?

(LJ) My favorite skin line from the past would have to be CANA. It had a fantastic response from customers in world. Of my more current skin lines I love SUKAI. I learnt new skills and experiences in creating this. All of these new skills I have learnt are really making the work I do today much faster and of a much higher quality and so I’m really loving the newer skin lines more.

(CC) You work so hard on your skins and marketing your business. Where does your inspiration come from?

(LJ) The main reason is because I find it’s my way to have fun and express myself. I get inspired a lot from my real life experiences and surroundings and my wild lifestyle. People have described me as a kind of female Indiana Jones on a world journey. My other inspiration comes from the pressure and unfair things that have happened to me both in world and in the real world. The more people try to bring me down the more I come out fighting and I work harder.

(CC) Apart from your fabulous main store, you have a satellite store in a great location on LeeZu Baxter's 'To The Nines' sim. Given no other outside designer's share space with LeeZu, how did that come about?

(LJ) Well LeeZu was one of the first people I met in Second Life and she encouraged me when I was starting out. LeeZu was one of my very first customers, she loved my free style and after having done a few projects together we are now used to working closely. I also have had the pleasure working with other designers too for example, last year I worked with Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix (NOIR skins) and it was really nice and uncomplicated. Also last year I made a special edition DOLLHOUSE collection for HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH and they did an amazing show using my skins. In fact it’s my favorite show to date. It was a perfect project between two designers. I really wish more designers could share their own experiences and work together on projects to help make SL a nicer and more fun place for all.

(CC) You have joined creative forces with Tabata Jewell's Vanity Hair label. Can you tell us more about that?

(LJ) I approached Tabata and asked would she be interested in doing a project together and being the open minded person that she is, she happily agreed. Through working together on these last projects we have become very good friends.

(CC) For people who know nothing about skin creation, what is the hardest part of the body to perfect?

(LJ) Basically a skin is made up of lots of layering of templates and consists of three parts, the head, upper part and lower part. To try and get the three parts together with all shading and effects etc without seeing the lines that join them is something that drives many people crazy. It’s extremely complicated. Another difficult part of skin making is to do the effects from the side of body. Hands and feet can be complicated as the template is so very small to get into details especially when the template only gives one hand and one foot to work on.

(CC) Which skin tone is the hardest to work with, light or dark?

(LJ) I personally find that very light skins can be the hardest to work with. It’s harder to add shading or 3D effects on very pale skins when everything looks so white and flat.

(CC) Have you got any exciting plans for LionSkins in the near future?

(LJ) We have yes. We have a contest going on at the moment which is due to end on 15th September. We are taking part in the Modeling Convention by Premiere Modeling Agency and we also have a Fashion Rocks serious of mini events and main event coming up. We also have many more fun and exciting things coming up soon but we are keeping them a surprise for now. :-)

(CC) What makes you happy in SL?

(LJ) I like meeting fair, warm, honest, hardworking people. I really enjoy collaborating with other designers too and it’s great to see what can come from it.

(CC) Is there anything you've dreamed of doing with your skins that you haven't done yet?

(LJ) There are many things I have dreamt of doing and hopefully will get to do as I grow and learn as a designer. I won't share the details now, but watch this space. :-)

(CC) Any new releases coming out soon?

(LJ) Perfect question. We have ZORA which will be released very soon, I actually stopped working on it to come and answer your questions :-) but we also have many other projects in the works but I prefer not to talk about them and just rezz them in the store.

And believe me, ZORA is the classiest skin that just pops out at you. Perfect for models who are looking for a refined skin with that extra va va voom, ZORA will have you selling your grandma for a fat pack. COMING OUT SOON....get ready. Here is just a little teaser....

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

Chalice in Wonderland Blog
ZORA Sunkiss

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Be Back Soon.

Just going to take a week or two off blogging to get my head together again. Am not in any state to think about it and need some grieving space. Thank you to the darling, kind people who commented, that was very healing.

See you soon sweet readers.

My Dog

My beautiful, cherished dog was put to sleep 3 hours ago. After my last post, she became sicker and her eyes told me it was time. I can't stop crying but know I did the right thing tonight calling the vet.

RIP my beautiful best friend. It was an honor to be your mother. She passed away peacefully in my arms. My heart is broken but I'm eternally grateful for the 13 of pure joy you gave me.

Roll Up...Roll Up. The Bearded Woman

Chalice In Wonderland Blog
SL can be so cruel.

No I haven't ventured in to skin making. I have stopped laughing just long enough to post a pic of how I looked when I logged in tonight.

I've seen lots of glitches in my time but this is the ultimate in weird.

P.S. Speaking of skins. I have a skin release scoop coming up soon. ROAR.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New at Sascha's Designs - VIVA LA VIDA aka The Dress Of A Million Sparkles

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Need a dress, but can't decide if you want to make a grand or understated entrance? Need a dress of impeccable quality for an incredible price? Need a dress that turns heads for all the right reasons? Then look no further than Viva La Vida, Sascha Frangilli's newest gown. Available in Beige, Black, Delfts Blue, Gold, Lilac, Olive, Pink, Red and Teal (shown here), the dress comes in an array of choices such as the battleship skirt and sucker skirt, just to name two.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Even if you aren't a BIG FORMAL DRESS kinda gal, or guy, Sascha's gowns just do something to an avi. They transform you into a creature of loveliness with their stunning colors, cut, textures, and the material movement is second to none.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Look deep into the dress and you'll see a million sparkles capturing the light as you sashay into your SL. This is a stunner girls n boys.

I'm wearing Tik Tok's recently released Heather skin. Don't you miss this one. It's lovely.

Skin:  Tik Tok
Earrings:  Lurani
Location: The Curious Prim Main Store

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chantkare, Flower And Fag.

Whatever I wear from Chantkare I love, adore, cherish. Applonia Criss' superb label is more special each time I enter the store and this little number called, Anchors, reminds me of the 1950's. Crisp, clean with classical lines, it's a dress that begs attention.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

This skin from Your Skin and Your Shape is available at The Dressing Room and there was just something about it I loved. Called 'I'm Not Perfect', I wanted to wear it with a conservative outfit to create the look of good girl on a bad night. The skin comes with a dark hair base and excellent little chignon attachment. Me likes a lot.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

I'm crazy about hair attachments and my dream for SL would be that all skins come with standard colored hair bases and hair designers could create fabulous styles that match all skins.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Dress/Belt:  Chantkare
Shoes: =L+R+W= 
Earrings: Caroline's
Rings:  Glow Studio
Skin/Hair Attachment: YSYS
Eyes: Belleza
Smoke: Moq Design
Nails: J's
Location:  Yuma's Hair

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Amazing Blog - "Avatars In Motion"

No pics just sharing.  If you haven't seen the blog 'Avatars In Motion' make sure you do.  It showcases stunning places in SL so if you're always on the hunt for new, fresh locations to visit or take pictures, this is pure inspiration.  I'm not sure who runs this blog but THANK YOU. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Feet.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Chalice is happy. While her computer may be groaning under the pressure at the Hair Fair, she on the other hand, is squealing in delight. The artistry of many of the hair's this year has opened up a whole world for those of us who love to create new looks. There is a definite lean towards the dramatic and that my dears, has injected new life into the fashion community. Oh yes it has...don't argue!

You only have to get out and about at the runway shows to know there is something special happening and I think designers are bringing us a complexity of style that hasn't been seen before. I personally have seen an explosion of talent since the untimely death of Steve McQueen and how SL creators jumped at the chance to honor his life through fashion.

Speaking of which, I do love to come up with something that isn't conventional or expected and I find that by adding a little humor, you can set yourself apart from the main.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Hair:  Miamai
Skin: LeLutka Lola
Dress: Staged
Stockings: Reale
Anklets: Maitreya
Shoes: Shooz
Earrings/Necklace: Ganked
Bracelets: Syds
Clutch: Baiastice

Monday, September 6, 2010

BREAKING NEWS....The Hair Fair's On.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

It's fabulous. 

My heartfelt congratulations to the organizers and hair designers.  You've all outdone yourselves.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emergency Aid (UNICEF) Project - Help Dutchie Help Pakistan

Showing once again that SL is full of altruistic residents, Truth Hawks from the famous Truth hair label has used his profile to bring attention to the Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund through UNICEF. A charity Truth holds in high esteem, he has brought together designers who have donated items housed on a sim Truth has provided. Additionally, Truth has encouraged designers to also sell from their main stores. Running from the 4th to the 19th of September, this is a wonderful way in which you can help. Do check out Project Donate for a list of participating designers. TP is here.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

The lovely Froukje Hoorenbeek from Dutchie is selling this gorgeous cottage that usually retails for $700L at half price ($350L) with 100% of the profits going to UNICEF. Seriously guys, The Veluwe is an adorable little build and at only 46 prims, is perfect for those with limited allowance. The texturing and quality are what you would expect from a Dutchie build and with a veranda, open plan ground floor and cute attic room, is perfect for that cozy little lifestyle many of us desire.

This is a great opportunity to grab yourself a Dutchie for 350L and give hope to those people living a nightmare in Pakistan. Here...check it out.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog
Very simple but beautifully built.  Perfect for a garden setting.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Chalice In Wonderland Blog
I photographed both the upstairs and downstairs in the one shot.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Chalice In Wonderland Blog
Upstairs with cupboards and an attic window.

Hair: Vanity Hair
Skin: Sukai from Lionskins
Eyes: None of your business (just gagging). They're from Nany Merlin
Dress and Earrings: Modern Gypsy
House: Dutchie

I know you all never mind a big, photo-laden post when it's for charity cause you're all good like that. Three claps and a poke for Truthie xxxxxx

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pants Off Friday....Come Join Me.

Every Friday I go shopping without pants. You should try it sometime. It's very liberating.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

I love this top from Sea Hole in French Blue. It does actually come with a skirt but hey, it's pants off Friday for me so it doesn't get a look in. The designer behind Sea Hole is Drinkinstein Sorbet and as you can see from this gorgeous top, she's amazing. Keep your eye on her is my prediction.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

I didn't need much of an excuse to don my new Kalnins Color Change Promenade Boots with my gelatti colored Maitreya Slouch Socks.

Any chance to bring out my Farfelu Bag from Paper Couture is always a joy and given I only have limited opportunity to wear my 2010 Tiara, there was no choice.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

And just in case you all forgot, I'm Damn Hot. A cute little accoutrement from Tik Tok.

Hair: Lamb
Skin: Glam Affair
Earrings: Junk
Necklace: BLD
Belly Ring: Eclectica
Ring: Fairy Tail
2010 Tiara: Created by Carolin Bonetto

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BOSL Fashion Week...Don't You Dare Miss It

I love Frolic Mills. I don't have all that much to do with him but I have come to love his special brand of humor and uniqueness that never seems to change. He makes SL so bloody pretty and if anyone knows the importance of feather's in a diva's's Frolic. And me.

BOSL events barely need any publicity from the likes of me but I will personally never forget the absolute fun I had being part of Miss Virtual World a gazillion years ago and have a real soft spot for anything BOSL. Receiving another gem of an invitation, I squealed in delight when I wore this ostentatious ostrich number created by Ms Cherish Demonge. I'll be damned if I'm not going to stalk this lady begging her to make me one with my name on it. I will never live my life out of it I swear.

Anyway BOSL Fashion Week is knocking on the door so here is some information to keep you in the loop.  This is taken from the BOSL invitation.

18th September - 24th September

Schedule of Events
SATURDAY THE 18TH - MILKY HOUSE - 6 PM SLT - Japanese Kimonos at their best!

SUNDAY THE 19TH - HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION - 11 AM SLT - Some of the best designers in SL showcase their finest couture gowns.

MONDAY THE 20TH - URBAN COLLECTION - 4 PM SLT  - The streets of Second Life won't ever look the same!

TUESDAY THE 21ST: MEA CULPA  - 4 PM SLT - Fantasy Couture in a glamorous setting.

WEDNESDAY THE 22ND: VINTAGE COLLECTION - 4 PM SLT - All the splendor of the 20's in a renewed environment.


FRIDAY THE 24TH: TRIBUTE TO YVES SAINT LAURENT - 6 PM SLT - We close this year's fashion week with a tribute to the master YVES SAINT LAURENT - NOT TO BE MISSED.


Stages will be built by Architects Patch Thibaud, Mr. Mike Denneny and Miss Nardya Rousselot.