Friday, September 3, 2010

Pants Off Friday....Come Join Me.

Every Friday I go shopping without pants. You should try it sometime. It's very liberating.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

I love this top from Sea Hole in French Blue. It does actually come with a skirt but hey, it's pants off Friday for me so it doesn't get a look in. The designer behind Sea Hole is Drinkinstein Sorbet and as you can see from this gorgeous top, she's amazing. Keep your eye on her is my prediction.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

I didn't need much of an excuse to don my new Kalnins Color Change Promenade Boots with my gelatti colored Maitreya Slouch Socks.

Any chance to bring out my Farfelu Bag from Paper Couture is always a joy and given I only have limited opportunity to wear my 2010 Tiara, there was no choice.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

And just in case you all forgot, I'm Damn Hot. A cute little accoutrement from Tik Tok.

Hair: Lamb
Skin: Glam Affair
Earrings: Junk
Necklace: BLD
Belly Ring: Eclectica
Ring: Fairy Tail
2010 Tiara: Created by Carolin Bonetto


  1. I really should try it sometime (pants off on Fridays)! LOL! Love those pics! xxx

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