Saturday, April 30, 2011

I shop, therefore I am...broke that is.

This would have to be one of my most favorite styling results of all my attempts. Possibly because I had so much fun after purchasing the gorgeous pale blue jacket from Chantkare, teleporting to all my haunts looking for just the right pieces to go with it. Well what I think are the right pieces. Lots of lovely new designs at Chantkare so go look...go...go.

I immediately had it in my mind to create something with white and was stuck on finding a mini-dress no longer than the jacket.

I was like a squirrel foraging for nuts until I hit DeLa and found 'Angela', a suede mini-dress in white. Walking around DeLa, I found these amazing shoes called 'Grace'...hehe...Amazing Grace.

This outfit is actually a Chantkare and DeLa fusion and I'm thrilled with it. That's what I love about styling an outfit using different pieces from different designers. There is an element of creativity involved in the choices that you make.

Now I would like to ask, no PLEAD, with designers to make their pant/under-pant layer modifiable. With avatar heights so varied, I am always left frustrated when I purchase something, particularly dresses, where the glitch pant layer is seen poking from the dress/skirt because they are too long. It's such a simple thing to rectify and negates the need to forage through my inventory trying to find something else that might work. Also, I'd like to see more attention given to the quality of the seams on glitch pants. How many times do you put them on and find that the length at the inner and outer thigh are markedly different or at the inner thigh the texture is all smudgy and uneven? I'm not usually a whinger but this is one part of an outfit that is often neglected but can mean the difference between looking great or throwing the whole thing in the trash.

In case you want to know:

Hair base: Vanity Hair.
Hair: Puka in Essence color by Vanity Hair.
Skin: Elena in Pale tone by LAQ.
Eyes: Icy by WAP.
Jacket: Lesley Sweater Tunic in Sky by Chantkare.
Hair flower: Kusum in Soft White by Chantkare.
Dress: Angela Suede Mini-dress in White by DeLa.
Shoes: Grace in White by DeLa.
Bag: Dudu Clutch in White from DeLa.
Earrings: From UnTone (sadly no longer operating).
Bangles: Metallic Tres in Silver by Armidi.
Poses: Exposeur Poses.
Location: Pleasure.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Lace With Your Zombie???????

Hey SLifer's...No I didn't forget to put a top on under my lace jacket in case you were wondering. Cleavage is in don't you know? To be more precise, it's OUT, like let it hang out at every opportunity. A little slither of magic tape and not a slip of the nip in sight. I wanted my ZOMBIE Stomach Wound to feature prominently created by Max Lexigle from Repulse for the upcoming Zombie Popcorn Hunt running from June 1st to 15th. I had a great time at the last Zombie Hunt so here's hoping this year's a cracker.

Yoriminaty Beresford from Yorim's Factory is a designer I greatly admire and this lace cardigan in brown called to me from across the shop. I've worked out my purchasing MO (modus operandi) only recently. I buy things I like with no idea what I'm going to do with them. This look started with the cardigan and Zombie tattoo layer and developed from there. I like the juxtaposition of lace with gaping wound.

It felt like everyone was at the recent boot sale at Stiletto Moody. Somehow I pulled a swifty as I was wading through the thick mud of lag near the front entrance. I cammed in to the boot section and clicked 'sit' on a vendor poster. Next thing I was past all the other shoppers right where I wanted to be. Click, click, click and I bagged my boots. Here are the Bare Lucille's...a heelless wonder of fantasmic proportions. Works well with my Croco bag from Septem Essentia. 75% off some Moody magic just couldn't be overlooked.

I've worn these Burleske tights to shreds from LeeZu as they go with so many things. A big shout out to Glow Studio for the necklace/earrings, Redgrave for the Trinity skin/hair layer and Baiastice for the hair attachment.

I award my crown to the undeniably talented designer and business woman Linka Demina from [glow] Studio . Not only does she have the most dynamic and cutting edge label around, she's also affiliated with The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue. I've never met Linka but her work inspires me and makes me proud to be a SL fashion lover. Thank you Linka.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Union Jack-et For The Royal Wedding.

I thought I'd go a bit British in honor of the Royal wedding next week. I have my invitation which is currently under lock and key in my bank's vault. I have the dress, shoes, bag, hat and have booked in my make up artist and hair dresser. Seriously darlings, they are going to have to work hard to un-beautify me if I'm not to stand out like a beacon of gorgeousness and outshine the bride.

A little trip to Yorim's Factory recently found me walking out with this cool Union Jack cardigan. Teamed with the Not Without You Seance pants and Tee*fy Astra wedges, I love the fusion.

These shoes have become a fav of mine and I love how cute they look with the black and parchment colored anklet's from Maitreya which have been the most utilized purchase in my inventory...ever.

Get the London look here:

Hair: Up, Up and Away in Essence color by Vanity Hair.
Skin: Trinity Daylight Skin by Redgrave
Eyes: WAP Designs
Top: Union Jack cardigan by Yorim's Factory.
Pants: Seance pants in Black by Not Without You.
Shoes: Astra Wedges by Tee*fy.
Earrings: By DeLa.
Anklets: By Maitreya.
Location: Heaven Lake.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Natural Beauty Meets Sascha's Designs = Perdy Me

I died bringing you this post. In fact I died 4 times. I scooted off to Wolfenstein because I liked the aesthetics of the sim but it turned out to be a combat location and hidden in the hills, unseen residents were playing 'shoot em ups' and I was the target. Thanks dudes! Every time I got the shot set up which took me forever, BANG I was dead and on my way home. Well I guess it serves me right for entering unarmed. The only thing I had was some very pointy and possibly deadly stiletto's but didn't fancy getting blood on them.

Anyway I managed to finally finish the shots featuring two of SL's powerhouses. That being Sascha Frangilli from Sascha's Designs and Miah McAuley from Natural Beauty. Both darlings sent me little gifties from their new range and I thought I would join forces and combine their products in the one post.

Click the pics for an eyeful.

Sascha's new gown is called Zephra and comes in Black or White. I love the chance to don one of her stunners and opted for dramatic black for this series. I added a few little pieces like the orange belt and hair piece because it's always fun to give your outfits the personal touch. Your shopping bag will be overflowing with all of the extras Sascha provides with her outfits including bolero, hat, lacy shawls to name but a few.

Miah's new Natural Beauty skin range is called Malinka and with 10 make up choices in each tone that includes light and dark brows, 2 cleavage options and brow shaper, don't say she doesn't spoil you. Likewise, Miah offers 8 skin tones from light to dark and everything in between. It's been such a pleasure to see Miah's label grow and develop. She really offers an exceptional product and given the range she has built up, has worked incredibly hard.

Until next sweet.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Couture-ish Camo.

Saw these camo pants in Bang Bang and thought 'I'm makin' me an outfit'. I did fail to credit the cap. That's from Bang Bang too.

I'm now back from holiday's and am ready for more blogging.  Cha is back in business.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Smart Cabinet from Behold Designs

The minute I saw this cabinet designed by EnCore Mayne from Behold Designs I fell in love with it.

The detail is wonderful and the scripted smoked glass doors are something else. EnCore generously sent me the cabinet and I couldn't unpack it quickly enough. If you are looking for a quality yet functional piece of furniture for your home, look no further. You can purchase it from EnCore's Marketplace store here. For the incredibly low price of $211L which equates to around $1.20 US, it's a phenomenal price when one considers the skill and time involved in producing this.

Thanks darling. Looking forward to your next masterpiece.