Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bizarre Hair Affair - Part 2

I simply can't tell you how much I love Bizarre Hair and all the special accessories that come with it.  Today I'm showing you CoCooN in Dirty Blonde.  The stunning tiara, necklace and bracelets are made by Maylo Dagostino from Maylo Designs Jewelery.  If you purchase the CoCooN fatpack from Bizarre, you will receive the tiara with the hair, however, you can purchase the necklace and bangles from Maylo Designs Jewelery.   Man it's all entirely fabulous believe me.

The hair wisp is also available as an option and just adds to the overall look of the do.  Mystica Matova has created the most amazing realistic hair texture and with hair being my weakness, I'm utterly thrilled.

When I tried on CoCooN, I immediately thought traditional bride with nontraditional accessories and found this great bridal dress from the Platinum Hunt of 2011 by Mocha.  Thank you to Flexagons Villota for creating such a great gown. 

The Look:
Skin: Daphne Skin (make up 10) from Glance Skins.
Hair: CoCooN by Bizarre Hair.
 Bridal Gown Incl. Veil and Hair Flower: By Mocha from Platinum Hunt 2011.
Shoes: Desire Sandals in White from SLink.
Tiara, necklace and bracelets: Maylo Designs Jewelery.
Nails:Pixel Mode.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Blue by Fashism.
Background: By Chalice.

Stay tuned for part 3.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bizarre Hair Affair - Part 1.

WOW I got lucky the day Mz MyStiCa Matova sent me a friendly IM asking if I would be interested in blogging her hair label, Bizarre.  Ignorant me knew of it, but hadn't taken the time to go look.  I responded saying I'd love to have a go and MyStiCa sent me over three do's. 

The first I'm showing you is Pearl in the Bizarre Classics Collection available in 8 fabulous colors.  You receive the hair base, a bun attachment, wispy hair attachment, hair pearls, necklace and earrings and let me tell you, I LOVE this hair to bits.

I'm wearing the Dirty Blond color and I just adore the luster and highlights in the hair and the way its pulled back in sections.  If the hair isn't amazing enough on its own, the jewelery is excellently constructed and compliments the style brilliantly.

A view from the back is equally pleasing and I'm just so happy that Mz Matova contacted me or else it may have taken me longer to discover this unreal hair designer.  She sure has flair with hair.

I'll post my other two styles as soon as possible.

Skin: Jadis 11 from Glam Affair 
Hair: Pearl from the Classics Collection - Bizarre Hair.
Earrings and Necklace: From Pearl hair - Bizarre Hair.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Blue from Fashism. 
Nails: From Mandala.
Dress: Lucille Pleated Silk Gown from Barebones (mesh).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Block Out My Sun - SAS.

Its been a while since I've done a big gown post and who better to feature than the incomparable Sascha Frangilli from Sascha's Designs.  Her recent release called 'Atteris' is a stunner and as usual, comes with an array of options and skirts from slinky to spectacular. 

Sascha loves to give her shoppers choice and Atteris comes in 13 amazing colors.  I've veered away from my usual black and decided to show off in the Sun option. 

Get a load of the flower hat which reminds me of a giant poppy.   The two piece feather boa wraps around the shoulders and drapes down the front giving the dress an avian wow factor.

Thank you so much for the review copies Ms Sascha.  Once again, you've outdone yourself with the Atteris gown with the hat alone being a piece of wearable art.

Skin: Christmas Skin 2011 from Nuuna.
Eyeshadow Tattoo: Group Gift from LpD.
Lash/Liner Tattoo: Yellow X-Gen from Miamai.
Hair Base: Golden Platinum from LoQ.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Grey by Fashism
Earrings: Experience Earrings in Black by Nemesis

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And The Winner Is...Nardcotix and Boho Hobo.

I love Nardya Rousselot's Nardcotix label and am always thrilled to receive a little package in the mail from her.  This time my jaw dropped lower than ever before as I tried on the Miranda wedges in divine blue.  The shortened edgy heel and delicately folded bows at the back make this a very special shoe indeed.

Aren't they simply gorgeous?  At only $520L a pair, these are an investment in style.  Take your pick of black, blue, brown, nude, olive, red and tempered or get the fat pack for only $1,850L. 

Trill Zapatero from Boho Hobo recently sent me this amazing crushed velvet coat in claret that is utterly superb.  Trimmed with silver and lovely silver applique buttons, the coat is everything a boho style purist would expect..

Style Credit:
Hair: Sake in Sweet Blond by LoQ.
Skin: Daphne 03 make up by Glance Skins.
Freckle Tattoo: By Glance Skins.
 Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Violet by Fashism.
Nails: By Pixel Mode.  
Lip Tattoo: Eccentric Lipstick in Mirage by the skinnery.
Shorts: Micro shorts from Barbee designed by Natsu Serevi (store no longer in existence) - I tinted them red.
Leggings: Red Funked Up Leggings from Graffitiwear.
Necklace, earrings and ring: Silver Caged Bird from Graffitiwear.

Back soon with more...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm Dishy Cause I'm Dressed By Jack Spoon.

Hey Diddle I'm focusing on two tops from the label 'Jack Spoon'.  The designer is well known blogger of the fabulous Pratukessaibas,.Steffy Ghost.

Get a load of this cute as can be top called 'Polka Moused'.  Immediately I fished out my 'Captain Mouse Helmet' from Ladies Who Lunch'.  Fortunately for me and my need to accessorize, the helmet is modifiable so I set about changing the colors to really make it mine.

Hair: Marielle 11 in Swedish by Truth.
Skin: Daphne 08 make up by Glance Skins.
Freckle Tattoo: By Glance Skins.
Make Up Tattoo: Aeree by Miamai.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Blue by Fashism.
Nails: By Pixel Mode.
Top: Polka Moused by Jack Spoon.
Pants: Angry Leggings by Whippet and Buck.
Bag: Connie in Black from Bare Rose.
Hat: Captain Mouse Helmet from Ladies Who Lunch.
Shoes: Troupe Shoes from Miel.
Necklace and Bracelet: Sante Fe set by Amorous.
Ring: Claddagh by Eclectica Jewelery.
Picture location: Fan Limited Store.

Now I bring you look two wearing the 'Santana' top from Jack Spoon.  WOW what can I say.  It so, so, so ME.  The colors are splendid and its not often you see such fine texturing and vividness.  I went to town shopping for accessories and found this 'Friendo' necklace again from Miel.  It comes with a HUD that allows you to personalize the message.  Because I'm so forgetful, I put my name on it.  The beads and fine leather straps are a wonderful touch and this is as realistic as you get in SL. 

I found this lovely heart necklace called 'Boom Boom Pendant' from Label Mode.  Cheap too.  I kept searching until I found this fab bag and bracelet at Emery both with great blue tones.  I say if you can't find it at Emery, it just ain't made yet..

I enjoyed my shop-a-thon styling these outfits all built around my two new Jack Spoon tops which I adore.  Great work Ms Steffy.  I can't wait to see this space.

Hair: Liqueur in Sweet Blond by LoQ.
Skin: Daphne 09 make up by Glance Skins.
Freckle Tattoo: By Glance Skins.
Eye Shadow Tattoo: Peacock by LPD (group gift).
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Blue by Fashism.
Nails: By Pixel Mode.
Top: Santana Shirt by Jack Spoon.
Pants incl. belt: Luneh in Black by Miamai.  
Shoes: Genova heels by Similar Footwear.
Bag: Sailor Turquoise and Red by Emery.
Bangle: Square by Emery.
Earrings: Sante Fe set by Amorous.
Ring: Lotus by Kunglers
Picture location: Maitreya Isle.

Without doubt, this has been the most labor intensive post I've ever written purely by the fact that the search capability in SL is totally flawed.  It has literally taken me forever to get the LM's for this post.  LL please do SOMETHING.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Go For Second Best Baby...VoguE.

I went shopping at VoguE last night and was so pleasantly surprised by all the fabulous outfits.  Designer Zalyn Bailey has created a huge clothing collection from lingerie to formal ball gowns and everything in between.  I particularly loved the items to the left of the store as you enter and I wondered if these pieces may be her newest designs because of the superb quality and in my opinion, there was a more stylized aesthetic to the clothes.

The color of this dress just drew me in and my bank balance didn't stand a chance.  The dress is called 'Joan' ($299L) in Olive and the detail on the texture and intricate shading brings this dress to life.  Close up it simply knocks my socks off.  I also purchased the 'Marilla' Jacket {$299L) in Onyx with a stiff peaked collar and 'Sharmine' Stole ($80L) also in Olive.  For eyes that pop, I added VoguE Model tattoo Eye Makeup (Series 2-F $50L) and am confident to bat an eyelid in anyone's direction.  Don't take my word for it, go VoguE, go VoguE.

I keep crediting him post after post, but I wanted to officially thank Ikon Inovia, the eye designer from Fashism for giving us the most stunning peepers in SL.  You must know our souls pretty well by now darling.

The other stuff:
Hair: Suzy Chouchou in Platinum from Kik ($100L)
Skin: Bella in Pale (Forrest make up) by Redgrave 10 skins with blood red lip tattoo ($1490L)
Nails: Pixel Mode Sculpted Nail Kit ($300L)
Earrings: Black Lace from Glow Studio
Bangles: Mandala
Clutch: Camelia Pochette by Baiastice
Shoes: Allure with Socks from Maitreya
Eyes: Sunrise Eye collection in Pale Mint from Fashism ($150L)
Location: My house
Perhaps I'm being a bitchy blogger but do others wish that sometimes a designer would stop by their blog from time to time just to acknowledge your efforts when you showcase their creation(s)??  I guess I'm contradicting myself because I do blog because I love it and not for external reward; however, I rarely ever get any form of acknowledgement...just a 'thanks for that' or 'I like what you did'.  Maybe I'm just hormonal and it won't stop me doing what I love but just a little SOMETHING just to know they've seen it would be nice.  What do others think?  See, now I've scared everyone off.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If You Leave Me, Can Me And My New Dress Come Too?

I love a good, quality freebie and this dress called 'Froufrou In Bloom' designed by Maylee Oh from The Secret Store is no exception.  You can purchase it at Modavia 11 where The Secret Store has a, well store.  You just need to join the Modavia Marketing Group - click on the sign in front of the dress.  Click on the dress and it's yours...for FREE.  And babies, it's a great dress.  Vibrant, well constructed with a gorgeous leather belt, its a versatile addition to your collection.  I'd pay for it in a blink of an eye but, it's FREE.

I did a bit of skin shopping too and couldn't resist Emilia Redgrave's new Pale skin called Bella.  Seriously great value at only $1490L for 10 skins, prim and tattoo teeth, 6 lipstick colors, eyes, lashes, breast minimizer and some jewelery thrown in for good measure.  I've always been partial to a Redgrave skin and I love Bella on Cha.  Look at my cute little Bucky Beaver's - teeth don't ya know.

I had to bring out my beloved Leverocci 'Paccai Sock shoes in Oil' ($800L) with color change socks.  Tell me these aren't amazing?  I think they look great with my 'Criminal Tights' from Nemesis ($130L).

The Wood bangle and choker is a gift from Fishy Strawberry and the watch is from Cashmere and Keane for $80L.  The ring you see was included with the Bella skin.  I am loving this new do from LeLutka called 'Wilde' ($269L) shown here in the Marilyn color.  I thought I'd seen nearly everything from Thora Charron but her hair just keeps on thrilling me and the 'Sekai' floral barrette from Indyra Originals suits this style so well (I think this was a giftie from the Modavia 11 sim but my memory is dim).

Quite a while ago, I discovered the fabulous eye-wear at primOptic and I purchased 'Celeste' ($299L).  You can wear them on the nose or head, color the frames and change the opacity of the lenses.  Stunning glasses and a range to make your head spin.  My old faithful sculpted nails are from Pixel Mode ($300L) and while I have an inventory full of nails, I never take these off.  My bag is made by Fancy Scrabbleblat but her profile is hidden so I can't give a link to a store. Eyes ($150L)  from Fashism.

Shot on location at Tableau.

'Is there anybody out there feeling something?'

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Let My Fur And Feathers Fly in Paris Metro.

When I think grand, decadent fashion in SL, Paris Metro immediately comes to mind and one walk around the cavernous shop is testament to this.  Here I'm wearing a stunning gown called 'Take Flight Red and Black Bird' that sells for $1500L but worth every cent if its impact you're after.

The vision of red and black birds can be seen in the overlay material and is replicated in the full length gloves that formalize the look for that special event.  RFB Morpork is a visionary creating big gowns to sweep all who gaze upon them off their feet.

I'm wearing K.I.A. shoes in Ruby from LeLutka that sell for $875L.  I'm very partial to these.

Now you might be forgiven for thinking this is merely dark hair.  It's far more quirky than hair, it is the 'Jandora Fur Hat' from Bliss Couture ($198L) worn with the 'Little Black Pillbox Hat' from Eclectica ($350L) that I re-colored in red tones. 

Hope you like my interpretation of the 'Take Flight Red and Black Bird' dress.

Other Stuff:
Skin: Fashion Monster Skin from Modern Gypsy (gifty skin).
Eyeliner: Tattoo Red Eyeshadow from Little Petites Details (free).
Eyeshadow: From Little Petites Details (free).
Eyes: Sunshine in Pale Steel Blue from Fashism ($150L)
Bag: From Muism (can't find it anymore)
Necklace: Timeless Knotted Necklace from Encore (store closed).
Location: Venexia.

Alas, Chalice checks everyday to see if the Style Academy blog want to include
her.  Woe betide, it is never good news.  Maybe one day........

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leverocci and Mimikri Work For Me!

Take one AMAZING mesh skirt from Leverocci and add some Mimikri magic to make two different looks.

I just couldn't be happier about the end result of this look.  The stunningly patterned and textured mesh skirt from Leverocci is so clever in its construction and has a satin sheen.  Available in XXS, XS, S, M and L, there's a size for most figures and costs only $150L.  I wanted to bring out the soft blue in the skirt and found the Fur Stole (faux of course) at Mimikri for $200L.  Its dreamy to say the least and the satin bow at the waist pulls it all together.  I also found the Black Sweater with uber bell bottom sleeves at Mimikri for $250L.  I love the form. 

The Shopping:
Shoes: Pascal Sock shoes in Oil from Leverocci - color change socks ($800L)
Hair: Tae in Platinum from Kik ($100L)
Earrings: India Dangle Earrings from Junk
Skin: Ebba in Milky by LAQ ($990L - 5 pack)
Tattoo Eyebrows: For Ebba skin by LAQ ($290L)
Tattoo Freckles and Beauty Mark: For Ebba skin by LAQ ($190L)
Eyes: Pale Steel Blue by Fashism
Nails: By Pixel Mode
Lashes: Ultimate Double Wing Lashes by Apple May Designs
Location: Nostos Deer

Now we go for a less sophisticated look still using my Leverocci skirt.  Again its more Mimikri with the Kay Black Blazar ($350L) and Nica Lurex top in pale blue ($200L).  I picked up the gorgeous Blackbird Handbag at Label Mode and again, I'm wearing the Leverocci Pascal Sock shoes opting for a lighter sock color.  

The Shopping:
Hair: Bree in Champagne by Truth ($200L)
Earrings: Antonia in Black by DeLa
Necklace: Tony Necklace from NHA ($70L)
Skin: Ebba in Milky by LAQ ($990L - 5 pack)
Tattoo Eyebrows: For Ebba skin by LAQ ($290L)
Tattoo Freckles and Beauty Mark: For Ebba skin by LAQ ($190L)
Eyes: Pale Steel Blue by Fashism
Nails: By Pixel Mode
Lashes: Ultimate Double Wing Lashes by Apple May Designs
Location: Nostos Deer

Wherever possible, I will include prices if it still shows in my transaction history.  Please run your cursor over the shop names for land marks.


There's some weird stuff going on in the fashion world atm.  I don't really know what because I don't use any of the social networking site's in my SL anymore and they often give you the good oil on what's happening in the zoo.  With a new blog that's just hit town of the expose kind and some strange comments over at Agency Report, I'm beginning to wonder if some of you have gone bonkers. Seriously sweeties....while I'm all for a little ego stroking SL fling if that's your wish, apart from a few genuine relationships that make it through the labyrinth of obstacles and transcend into RL, I hope you realize there's some danger in putting all your eggs into a basket that doesn't really exist.  Maybe it's all role play and I'm the one out of sync, but I've seen a lot of people spill tears while role playing if that's the case.  Ask yourself this.  Do you deserve real hands giving you real hugs?  If so, don't accept anything less.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let Me Tell You A Secret.................

Take one striking Kimono coat ($240L) with paisley pattern from The Secret Store and one  Menorca dress ($350L) in mustard from CheerNo, Add a red knot belt ($50L) from Voix and strings of pearls from +plus that I colored to match and you have a great little look going on.

Never forget to check the permissions on your items lovies because quite often you can make color modifications that personalizes your outfit for that uniqueness we all crave.

Finding some heels for my little outfit was quite a challenge but I persevered until I came across these Loordes Of London Asrid Booties in Regal Blue ($75L) sold at the Tropicana Baazar.

I love my newest bag purchase called Resort Satchel ($250L) in Pumpkin from Leverocci.  Seriously folks.  You MUST go check out Leverocci's stuff, especially the shoes, but not before I blog them or I'll hunt you down and smack you with my purse.

As for the rest, Cha's wearing Kaja hair ($100L) in Platinum from Kik, Gold and Coral earrings from Simay Creations, Lotus ring from Kunglers, Prim nails from Pixel Mode, Claudia 2 Milky Glow skin from Laq and Love My Eyeliner and Mascara Tattoo from Boom.

Anyway that's it from me.  Hope you all had a wonderful New Year.  While I'm sad Christmas/New Year is over for another year, my body needs a serious detox so perhaps its for the best if I want to see 2013.