Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Let My Fur And Feathers Fly in Paris Metro.

When I think grand, decadent fashion in SL, Paris Metro immediately comes to mind and one walk around the cavernous shop is testament to this.  Here I'm wearing a stunning gown called 'Take Flight Red and Black Bird' that sells for $1500L but worth every cent if its impact you're after.

The vision of red and black birds can be seen in the overlay material and is replicated in the full length gloves that formalize the look for that special event.  RFB Morpork is a visionary creating big gowns to sweep all who gaze upon them off their feet.

I'm wearing K.I.A. shoes in Ruby from LeLutka that sell for $875L.  I'm very partial to these.

Now you might be forgiven for thinking this is merely dark hair.  It's far more quirky than hair, it is the 'Jandora Fur Hat' from Bliss Couture ($198L) worn with the 'Little Black Pillbox Hat' from Eclectica ($350L) that I re-colored in red tones. 

Hope you like my interpretation of the 'Take Flight Red and Black Bird' dress.

Other Stuff:
Skin: Fashion Monster Skin from Modern Gypsy (gifty skin).
Eyeliner: Tattoo Red Eyeshadow from Little Petites Details (free).
Eyeshadow: From Little Petites Details (free).
Eyes: Sunshine in Pale Steel Blue from Fashism ($150L)
Bag: From Muism (can't find it anymore)
Necklace: Timeless Knotted Necklace from Encore (store closed).
Location: Venexia.

Alas, Chalice checks everyday to see if the Style Academy blog want to include
her.  Woe betide, it is never good news.  Maybe one day........

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