Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm Dishy Cause I'm Dressed By Jack Spoon.

Hey Diddle I'm focusing on two tops from the label 'Jack Spoon'.  The designer is well known blogger of the fabulous Pratukessaibas,.Steffy Ghost.

Get a load of this cute as can be top called 'Polka Moused'.  Immediately I fished out my 'Captain Mouse Helmet' from Ladies Who Lunch'.  Fortunately for me and my need to accessorize, the helmet is modifiable so I set about changing the colors to really make it mine.

Hair: Marielle 11 in Swedish by Truth.
Skin: Daphne 08 make up by Glance Skins.
Freckle Tattoo: By Glance Skins.
Make Up Tattoo: Aeree by Miamai.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Blue by Fashism.
Nails: By Pixel Mode.
Top: Polka Moused by Jack Spoon.
Pants: Angry Leggings by Whippet and Buck.
Bag: Connie in Black from Bare Rose.
Hat: Captain Mouse Helmet from Ladies Who Lunch.
Shoes: Troupe Shoes from Miel.
Necklace and Bracelet: Sante Fe set by Amorous.
Ring: Claddagh by Eclectica Jewelery.
Picture location: Fan Limited Store.

Now I bring you look two wearing the 'Santana' top from Jack Spoon.  WOW what can I say.  It so, so, so ME.  The colors are splendid and its not often you see such fine texturing and vividness.  I went to town shopping for accessories and found this 'Friendo' necklace again from Miel.  It comes with a HUD that allows you to personalize the message.  Because I'm so forgetful, I put my name on it.  The beads and fine leather straps are a wonderful touch and this is as realistic as you get in SL. 

I found this lovely heart necklace called 'Boom Boom Pendant' from Label Mode.  Cheap too.  I kept searching until I found this fab bag and bracelet at Emery both with great blue tones.  I say if you can't find it at Emery, it just ain't made yet..

I enjoyed my shop-a-thon styling these outfits all built around my two new Jack Spoon tops which I adore.  Great work Ms Steffy.  I can't wait to see this space.

Hair: Liqueur in Sweet Blond by LoQ.
Skin: Daphne 09 make up by Glance Skins.
Freckle Tattoo: By Glance Skins.
Eye Shadow Tattoo: Peacock by LPD (group gift).
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Blue by Fashism.
Nails: By Pixel Mode.
Top: Santana Shirt by Jack Spoon.
Pants incl. belt: Luneh in Black by Miamai.  
Shoes: Genova heels by Similar Footwear.
Bag: Sailor Turquoise and Red by Emery.
Bangle: Square by Emery.
Earrings: Sante Fe set by Amorous.
Ring: Lotus by Kunglers
Picture location: Maitreya Isle.

Without doubt, this has been the most labor intensive post I've ever written purely by the fact that the search capability in SL is totally flawed.  It has literally taken me forever to get the LM's for this post.  LL please do SOMETHING.

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