Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If You Leave Me, Can Me And My New Dress Come Too?

I love a good, quality freebie and this dress called 'Froufrou In Bloom' designed by Maylee Oh from The Secret Store is no exception.  You can purchase it at Modavia 11 where The Secret Store has a, well store.  You just need to join the Modavia Marketing Group - click on the sign in front of the dress.  Click on the dress and it's yours...for FREE.  And babies, it's a great dress.  Vibrant, well constructed with a gorgeous leather belt, its a versatile addition to your collection.  I'd pay for it in a blink of an eye but, it's FREE.

I did a bit of skin shopping too and couldn't resist Emilia Redgrave's new Pale skin called Bella.  Seriously great value at only $1490L for 10 skins, prim and tattoo teeth, 6 lipstick colors, eyes, lashes, breast minimizer and some jewelery thrown in for good measure.  I've always been partial to a Redgrave skin and I love Bella on Cha.  Look at my cute little Bucky Beaver's - teeth don't ya know.

I had to bring out my beloved Leverocci 'Paccai Sock shoes in Oil' ($800L) with color change socks.  Tell me these aren't amazing?  I think they look great with my 'Criminal Tights' from Nemesis ($130L).

The Wood bangle and choker is a gift from Fishy Strawberry and the watch is from Cashmere and Keane for $80L.  The ring you see was included with the Bella skin.  I am loving this new do from LeLutka called 'Wilde' ($269L) shown here in the Marilyn color.  I thought I'd seen nearly everything from Thora Charron but her hair just keeps on thrilling me and the 'Sekai' floral barrette from Indyra Originals suits this style so well (I think this was a giftie from the Modavia 11 sim but my memory is dim).

Quite a while ago, I discovered the fabulous eye-wear at primOptic and I purchased 'Celeste' ($299L).  You can wear them on the nose or head, color the frames and change the opacity of the lenses.  Stunning glasses and a range to make your head spin.  My old faithful sculpted nails are from Pixel Mode ($300L) and while I have an inventory full of nails, I never take these off.  My bag is made by Fancy Scrabbleblat but her profile is hidden so I can't give a link to a store. Eyes ($150L)  from Fashism.

Shot on location at Tableau.

'Is there anybody out there feeling something?'

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