Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chalice In Wonderland - I'm So PC...Paper Couture That Is.

If I could reach into my screen and grab one gown from SL, this would be it.  It combines everything I love...feathers, strong color and fantasy all rolled into one.  Worn with Kalnins Orchid shoes which are wonderful for matching with outfits, I feel so PC.  My love affair with this designer has been unceasing since the first time I wandered into her store so long ago and purchased the Falsetta Layered Gown.  That was the defining moment when I realized that SL was Barbie doll's with dimension.  I swear that dress was responsible for some success at castings and it was a staple when I wanted something impressive.  Anyway, please welcome Lush by Ava Lu of Paper Couture.



Now I'm going to think about 3 things from my SL inventory that I just couldn't do without.  If Vixie, Jula and Ella were in there, that's what (who really) I'd pick. 

The Designers:

Hair:   Peta in Natural Blond by LeLutka
Skin:  Estelle Light in Make Up 3 by LeLutka
Eyes:  Expressive Eyes in Grey by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Tinted Lashes in Purple by Pixel Fashion
Nails:  Purple by Petit Ange
Dress:  Lush by Paper Couture
Shoes:  Orchid by Kalnins
Hair flower: Rose Hair Flower in Red by Artilleri
Necklace:  Jenica Necklace by Aurora Borealis
Earrings:  MM Luxe Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earrings by Pearlie Pedro

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  1. i'm with you all the time... so the inventory totally counts!! :P

    i love this dress too... i don't wear formal often but you cannot go wrong with paper couture.