Sunday, November 1, 2009

F#@K Halloween...I want Christmas!

While I appreciate the efforts of content creators developing Halloween trinkets, clothing, skin and hair...OMG, I'm over it.  With all due respect for those who relish this day and it's lead up, I find it really hard to get into the spirit of something I've never celebrated.  Not wishing to rain on the Halloween parade,  it was getting to the point where I was going to pluck my eyes out if I saw one more witch, skeleton or goblin.  Plus it's 30 degrees C (86 F) here and the thought of putting anything on but a bikinii doesn't bare thinking about.

So Chal went out and about on a pumpkin smashing quest with Smashing Pumpkins Tarantula to fuel her on.  5023 pumpkins later, she destroyed what was left on the grid and doesn't want to see another one for a long time.  Well, until next Sunday when I have my roast dinner....roast pumpkin...YUM.

Oh's nearly Christmas and the thought of snow particles, sexy Mrs Claus, flashing trees and holly jewelery flooding the feeds just chills me to the bone.  Nah I do enjoy it, just not so much of it.  Oh well, there's always the little X at the top of the page if I feel like slaughtering Santa

Shopping list:
Hair: Matilda in Mirage from Truth.
Skin: Moon from Redgrave in Pale Skin - Gold Make Up.
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue (1) by Nany Merlin.
Top:  Orange Knit Tank from Ibizarre.
Belt  Brown Wide Belt from Coco.
Pants:  Classic Blue Jeans (Slouchy leg) from Zaara.
Shoes: Girls Biker Boots in Brown from Redgrave.
Hair Accessory: Flower from Slow Kitchen.
Bangle:  Orange Line Bangle by eLDee.
Earrings:  Berlioz Orange Earrings by DeLa.
Nails:  AN Nails in Orange by Petit Ange.


  1. so true Cha, I had enough of it 2 weeks ago allready. Thanks god its over...but now we are facing christmas madness ;)

  2. A big issue with the last three months of the year is how companies over-market the holidays. Well, at least two of them: Halloween is becoming cheaper and more a segway for businesses into the Gift Day, completely overlooking the third major holiday (at least for Americas), Thanksgiving.

    So, with that being said, I am sad that Halloween is over: despite it being a growing commercial diaster, the people that take it to heart see it as a day to celebrate what's different and that which is beyond the norm. It's more foa marketing problem if you weren't able to find a spooky two-piece and matching accessories to your liking than the actual day itself. I'll also go to say that I'd like Christmas to hold its horses while I pay my respects on Veteran's Day and share some time with my family and food on Thanksgiving.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly Green. It's easy for the message to get lost when being bombarded with companies marketing their goods so early before the actual event. Like you say, there's Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving yet to come for you.

    I do love Christmas but with them starting so early to promote it, by the time Christmas Eve gets here, it's hard to see it with fresh eyes.

    Thanks for your comments Seven and Green :-)