Friday, March 29, 2013

You're A Trouble Maker Girl

Look at moi in my new dress from Vero Modero called "Ayla".  Wear if you dare because it's so wonderfully bright it could cause a traffic accident.  Aren't the material folds fantastic?  I went to the Vero Modero model call today and it was great to be back on the runway again.  I forgot how much fun it was and will be sure to keep an eye out for other auditions.

I found the cute geometric bag at The Secret Store and the shoes from Maitreya.  Love how this works so well together.

Bangles are from [glow] studio and the nail gloves from DownDownDown Main Shop.  I actually don't mind using a nail glove rather than prim/mesh nails because I'm rubbish at fitting them plus when the hand closes in some poses, the nails sit in mid air.  Me no like that.

Hope you all get lots of Easter eggs darlings but don't eat them all at once (says she chowing down on an egg).


Hair: Charli in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Skin: New Romance from Auxiliary
Lip and eye shadow tattoo: Psychedelic Palette by Croire 
Dress: Ayla from Vero Modero
Bangles: Woven Chain Bracelet in Gold by [glow] studio
Bag: Funky Tango Bag by The Secret Store
Glasses: Rhamona Sun Glasses in Orange by Amarelo Manga
Shoes: Frenzy Retro in Yellow by Maitreya
Nail glove: Color Set from DownDownDown Main Shop
Eyes: Icy Eyes by WAP Design - designer Trilly Sands has not included a LM - WAP and Rockshop are in the same store; however, I could not find a LM in search so perhaps contact her.


  1. You look like Couture Toucan!

    Thanks for brightening my day Chalice.

  2. I nearly fell off my chair laughing...couture toucan!!!! You are a dag. Thanks for brightening my day Mr J.xx I seriously nearly coughed up a lung.