Friday, May 13, 2011

Kenya Dreaming.

When I was wandering around Aliza Karu's shop, AngelsDemons Creations, I found a wardrobe containing Kenyan inspired items and I had to have me some of it. I purchased the Project for Kenya skirt made by WAP Designs and matching Marie Candy Pumps called Africa made by Les Petites Details or LpD as they are commonly known.

The collection of Kenyan inspired clothing has been a collaboration by the Italian Taste group who are a group of Italian dealers specialized in different business fields as clothing, furniture, poses and animations. The Italian Taste designers support the Harambee Gwassi Kenya project with a complete outfit sold to raise money for the "Harambee Schools" in Kenya, a project followed by Loredana Loring and Lotrec Oh in second life.

The entire outfit is made up of:

- accessories from Solidea folies, a mask, two rings, bracelets and a giraffe with poses

- stool and microfone from Italica Interior Design

- jacket and waistcoat from AD Creations

- skirt with pants from Wap design

- shoes from Les Petits Details

SL really has some wonderful, altruistic people in its population and supporting such a worthy cause is even more reason to purchase some of the fabulous Kenyan inspired pieces for sale. Here is your TP to Aliza Karu's shop to look at what is available in the wardrobe.

Here is the official poster from Italian Taste:

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