Monday, May 30, 2011

BoHo HoBo Supports Afghani Women and Children - Part Un

I am always honored when someone sends me something that has meaning beyond just the actual product. Recently I received a lovely note card and outfits from Trill Zapatero, the designer behind BoHo HoBo, an amazing, dynamic and bold label that I had not known about. Trill wondered if I might be interested in blogging her outfits but it was when I read the story behind the label that warmed my heart.

All proceeds from the sales of items at BoHo HoBo goes to RAWA , the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. RAWA will use the money to fund schools, orphanages, clinics, literacy programs and income generating projects. It was rather ironic as I have always held a fascination with the Islamic way of life and came to appreciate it even more during my travels to Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Jordan. In saying this, the experiences of women and children in Afghanistan has been unimaginable as victims of war, where their standing has been diminished over the years and is only getting worse despite many media reports to the contrary.

To highlight what is going on, Trill has also made an Afghanistan Museum in SL that is a visual journey of the displaced and disenfranchised women and children in war torn Afghanistan. I took a visit and to say it was heart breaking is an understatement. Alternatively, you can read about the Afghanistan Museum on line here. Trill was also interviewed on Metaverse TV's MBC News - watch here.

Trill's commitment to RAWA is so wonderful and I'd have totally forgiven her if the clothing was, shall we say, not what I would normally like to review. BUT, BUT, BUT, it was FANTASTIC. So fantastic that I want to show them in three different posts. Trill, her amazing designs and her generous spirit deserves all the publicity that can come her way.

Ladies and germs, here is BoHo HoBo look number one.

The BoHo look:

Hair: Inverted in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Skin: Belle in Pale tone by Natural Beauty (new release).
Nails: Pink by J's Mainstore.
Top and Pants: BoHo HoBo.
Shoes: Summer Clog in Pink by K&C Fashion.
Necklace: Chalice necklace made by marcopol oh as a gift from my friend Vixie.
Necklace: C Pendant made by Diarmuid Miklos.
Ring: Pink Flower by LeeZu.
Bracelet: Red Bangle by +plus.
Bag: Glam Tote in Blue by +plus.
Shot on location at Cafe and Green Gables.

Look out for part deux.

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