Friday, October 4, 2013

Wanna See My Pom Pom's?

I love dresses and I love even more that with the introduction of mesh, dresses have improved out of sight.  This gorgeous number I picked up at ArisAris called 'Red and Black Pom Poms' but I'm kicking myself because it was only after taking the pics that I realised it came with a red necklace and a feathered belt.  I do apologise to ArisAris that I was so stupid and did not represent their dress in its entirety.  Regardless, I still adore it, particularly the material texture that resembles heavy thick woven linen.  Because I'm a leggings lover, I popped on these 3/4 length one's from Gawk.

I'm wearing another favorite hair from Tableau Vivant called 'Campbell'.  It comes with an extension for an even fuller look but I haven't shown it here.

The bag was a great pick up from Revanche called 'Gina's Glock Clutch' that has gun emblem's on the front.  I purchased it on Marketplace because I was running out of time to get this look blogged.  As you know, I'm a great supporter of actually visiting shops in-world to keep them there and not exclusively selling on Marketplace.

The stunning bracelets and watch I purchased from Gizza called 'Asia' and the detailing is wonderful to see close up. 

I found these fab shoes at Essenz called 'Paris' in Red.  The detailing is magnificent; however, I did have to fiddle around with them a lot so that they fit my leg perfectly but well worth the trouble for shoes of this caliber.  They come with blender socks but I'm really rubbish at skin matching but got there in the end and this fixed the issue I had with the seam of the leg showing.

My pics are taken at a beautiful sim called 'Reflections of Beauty' and know you will love it for photo taking as I did.


HAIR: Campbell by Tableau Vivant
SKIN: Leila in Pale from Belleza
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Ghost by from IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
DRESS: Red and Black Pom Pom's by ArisAris
LEGGINGS: Black Sports Leggings by Gawk
BAG: Gina's Glock Clutch by Revanche @ Marketplace
SHOES: Paris in Red by Essenz
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Princess Ring in Red by Cluny @ Marketplace

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