Monday, October 7, 2013

The Beauty Of Aboriginal Art.

Today I'm blogging an outfit very close to my heart because part of it depicts our wonderful Aboriginal heritage and the stunning art our indigenous people create.  To me there is nothing more beautiful than Aboriginal art and the stories behind each symbol are amazing.  Not that I'm an expert but I sincerely appreciate the fact that our land, Australia, was inhabited by people with incredible survival skills that put us settlers to shame.  We all know that Australia was not Terra Nullius (Latin for land belonging to no-one) and that the British lied when they claimed this country as a colony.  The Aboriginal people were killed and treated abominably and for that I am ashamed and in my opinion we should never forget it and know that the word 'sorry' doesn't even come close to it being alright.  Although we must move forward but at the same time we should never forget our history is not a glorious one.  Obviously its a contentious issue but this is my firm belief particularly after completing a law paper on the inequality within the criminal justice system between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.  I was stunned by my research to say the least.

The skirt depicts Aboriginal inspired art and I found it at Indented Fashion.  Since purchasing it I had trouble thinking how to style it.  The skirt, while not mesh, does have a mesh insert between the legs. I searched everywhere for a top that also showed Aboriginal art but just couldn't find anything.  I thought I'd just find a small top in brown which I did at League.  I also purchased the 'Grandad Braces' there.

I found the glasses in Leopard print from Le Primitif which come with either clear or dark lenses.  God they make great stuff.

I purchased the lovely necklace, earrings and bracelets also from League called 'Coin Collector'.  I so love the bucket bags from Zenith so decided to purchase the fat pack of solid colors because they're just so perfect in every way.  The ring camera right is from Le Primitif and the one on the left from Je Suis.

I found the boots a while ago from Marshmallow's.  Aren't they amazing?  The detail is utterly impeccable and I think you should all go check out the store.

I'm wearing my 'Ladyboy' hair from Vanity Hair because I simply adore it. In RL my hair is past my shoulders but I'm thinking of getting it cut like this.  Hmmmm will require a lot of contemplation because I remember crying my eyes out at 16 when I got my hair cut short.


HAIR: Ladyboy by Vanity Hair
SKIN: Holly in Pale tone by Izzies
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Blue/Grey by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH:  By Flair
TOP: Grandad Vest in Brown by League
BRACES: Grandad Braces in Brown by League
SKIRT: Dazed by Indented Fashion
TIGHTS: Cozy Tights in Brown by Riddle
SHOES: Wedge Boots in Light Brown by Marshmallow's
BAG: Mini Bucket Bag in Brown by Zenith
GLASSES: Half Frame Round Glasses in Leopard from Le Primitif
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Christian Ring by Le Primitif
RING CAMERA LEFT: Eternelle by Je Suis
LOCATION: Outside of Izzie's main store.


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