Saturday, October 19, 2013

You Scary Bitch.

Hello darlings.  Hope you are having a fab weekend?  Today I've put together a rather unusual outfit that started when I found this jumper with hood at Living Imagination.  I love it when I find something a bit different and the hood just did it for me.  The material is replicated on the band around the bottom of the jumper and it's a cutie.  I hadn't been to this store before so again, I was delighted to have found another place to squander my L's.  No squander isn't the right word...let's just say spend!

The top is called 'Oh My Scary Jumper' but the little munchkin on the front is too sweet to be scary.  Now finding the pants was a mammoth effort simply because finding baby blue to match the fabric wasn't easy but I got lucky at Artilleri with these capri's.  I swear I'm like a dog with a bone when I'm looking for what my mind's eye has envisaged and can spend hours touring the grid.  I also found two rings in powder blue called 'Rapsody Ring' in Ice from H.M.A.E.M. that sit up the fingers.  I love them.  The bangles are from Willow and the earrings from LaGyo.

I purchased this bag from ShuShu not so long ago and was looking for something to wear with it.  I love the mishmash of colors and textures that are so boho.  Called the 'Good Journey' bag, its ever so well made.  I brought out my fabulous 'Missy' shoes from Slave where the construction of these just knocks my socks off...if I were wearing any of course.

I found this sim called 'Aldous Huxley' where the pictures are taken.  Don't go there if you're feeling blue because its all blue and may just tip you over :-)


HAIR: Hair Base in Essence color from Vanity Hair
SKIN: Ginevra skin in Pale by Izzies
EYESHADOW TATTOO: Ginevra eyeshadow in Teal by Izzies
EYELINER: Ginevra eyeliner by Izzies
LIP TATTOO: Geanna Lipgloss in Pastel Rose by Izzies
EYES: Melanie Eyes in Light Blue (mesh) by Crash Republic
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: By Flair
TOP AND HOOD: Oh My Scary Jumper from Living Imagination
PANTS: Ruby Capris in Baby Blue from Artilleri
BAG: Good Journey by ShuShu
SHOES: Missy by Slave
BANGLES: Turquoise And Leather Cuff from Willow
RINGS: Rhapsody Rings in Ice from H.M.A.E.M.
EARRINGS: Morgana by LaGyo @ Collabor88
LOCATION: Aldous Huxley

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