Thursday, October 3, 2013


I do so love lime.  In my Corona's, in my mojito's and on my body.  I found these low ride, low crutch beauties at Legal Insanity the other day.  Perusing the clothes in all the rooms I was struck and impressed by the beautiful presentation of the way they market their label.  In terms of the vendor posters, they give it to you on a gold platter.  Their style from top to toe is gorgeous.

I went off looking for something to wear with them and found this cutie of a top at So Many Styles.  Because they literally have so many styles, I purchased the bag, earrings and necklace too.  I purchased the butterfly hair accessory from one of my fave's, Tram.

The hair is a voluminous up-do from Miss C. While I love to wear my hair long, I do love to show off earrings so am always looking for hair that allows me to do this.  The boots are from Maitreya called 'August Ankle Boots' shown in the grey color.

I've been reading with interest on Plurk people asking 'what do you want to know about me?'  Being one who fears rejection and an empty non-replied Plurk, I haven't participated but I'll share two.

  1. I collect jim-jams (aka as pajamas).  I have about 50 tops and bottoms because I LOOOOVE to come home and get into them.  I'm a bit like the Aussie female version of Hef but I stress without the white socks. And they're not daggy drab PJ's.  They're fabulous colored one's that I can co-ordinate.  In RL I really truly do love fashion and shopping while at home I'm super casual but am a quick change if anyone rings and says 'hey let's go out'.  If my hair's not looking too good I pop it up in a chignon, take 15 minutes for make up, a quick spray of perfume and I'm off.  I can do it because I have two walk in robes that I keep in perfect order and a wall of shoe racks in boxes with a pictures of the shoes on the front.   Thanks mum for turning the once chaotic me into a neat freak.
  2. I collect perfumes.  Ever since I saw the movie 'Someone To Watch Over Me' and the magnificent glass perfume cabinets in Mimi Rogers' dressing room, I dreamed of having a cabinet filled with perfumes.  I got my wish when I renovated my bathroom and found this wooden and glass cabinet which over the years I have filled with perfumes.  People know that is my thing and have given them as presents and many I have purchased duty free when traveling.

My absolute weakness.
Anyway sweeties, remember to keep supporting SL designers so we can keep being beautiful.


HAIR: Vol in Blond from Miss C
SKIN: Holly Candy skin in Pale tone by Izzies
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Ghost by IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Metallic Nails by Izzies
TOP: Loose Deco Tee in Grey by So Many Styles
PANTS: Shefunky Pants in Grass by Legal Insanity
SHOES: August Ankle Boots in Dark Grey by Maitreya
BAG: Baggy Bag in Gold by So Many Styles
HAIR ADORNMENT: Butterfly Hair Accessory in Yellow by Tram
NECKLACE:  Big Summer Necklace in Lime by So Many Styles
EARRINGS: Native Bead Earrings by So Many Styles
RING: Ring of Passion in Green by O.M.E.N.
BRACELETS: Woven Chain Bracelets by Glow Studio
LOCATION:  Our Island 

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