Sunday, September 1, 2013

I Pia'd My Pants.

Oh I know, the title!  But I couldn't resist it when featuring my new Pia Pants from Pure Poison Fashion. While waiting to get into The Arcade...will some of you leave so I can get in...I styled this outfit using a bit of this and that.

I love Pure Poison and when I spied these striped pants, thought they looked unusual and grabbed them.  I purchased the 'Bandhni Hanky Top' from Zaara's capitalizing on the 50% sale.

They're like snazzy jodhpurs but I'm not riding a horse, just these uber edgy Storm Sandals from Gos.  The bracelet on the right was a group giftie also from Pure Poison.  The bracelet on the left is from Je Suis.  I'm loving Je Suis jewellery because so much of it is color change which gives you more bang for your buck.  Now the belt is no longer available unfortunately.  It was designed by Cocomitsu Mayo from UnTone which used to be one of my favorite shops.  Gosh I wish she would come back and design again...ho hum.  I bet Vixie Rayna would recall our UnTone shopping expeditions way back when dinosaurs roamed SL.

I'm all curly wurly with this do from Vanity Hair called 'Sonata' finished with a hair bow I recolored from  The fantastic bag with feather embellishment is from Attic on Marketplace.

Pictures are taken on a lovely sim called 'Maria Lynn Falls'.  

Now I'm off to see if I can get into The Arcade.  Make way people, I've got an umbrella and I ain't afraid to use it.

Love from me.


HAIR: Sonata in Platinum color by Vanity Hair
SKIN: Betty in Pale tone (make up #6) by Belleza
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Grey/Green color by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Black Drama by A.S.S.
HAIR BOW: Party In Ur Badroom by
TOP: Bandhni Hanky Top by Zaara
PANTS: Pia Striped Pants by Pure Poison Fashion
BELT: Chain Belt With Fur from UnTone (no longer available)
BAG: Black Leather With Feather from Attic on Marketplace
SHOES: Storm Sandals from Gos
BRACELET CAMERA RIGHT: Group Gift - Wicki Spiked Bracelet by Pure Poison Fashion
BRACELET CAMERA LEFT: Sophistique by Je Suis
RINGS: Eternelle Rings by Je Suis
EARRINGS: Leather Feather Earrings in Black by Mandala
LOCATION: Maria Lynn Falls

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