Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Chains That Bind.

Hi precious ones.  Well I visited the new look Glam Affair and got me some demo skins which I intend to try on when I've finished this post.  It looks great Ms Ewing.  Wonderful build :-)

Today I'm wearing an outfit I've been storing in my 'to blog' file from Amarelo Manga called 'Tilla'.  I'm so into these mesh tops that sit just off the body in lacy material.  The shirt is ever so nice and silky looking.  I actually have something similar in my RL wardrobe.

The pants are quite out there and there's definitely a touch of Chanel © about them.  I purchased the bag from Glam Affair. which I love.

I popped on my Gos Lolita Espadrilles and am ready for a ride in my convertible to go shopping.  I need to go stock up on some new blogging outfits cause its pay day and I got money to burn.

Oh and this great little do is from Kik called 'Fiona' in Platinum.  Gawd I love Kik hair.

Thought for the day.  I've seen and known a few people around with the sir name 'Littlething'.  I wonder how many guys opted for that when they joined SL and could pick their last name?


HAIR: Fiona in Platinum from Kik
SKIN: Ava in Pale from Belleza (best buy range - June)
EYES: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Mint by IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH:  By Flair
TOP: Tilla from Amarelo Manga
PANTS: Tilla from Amarelo Manga
SHOES: Lolita Espadrilles in White from Gos
BAG: Petra Rivet Bag in White from Glam Affair
EARRINGS: Chain Earrings from Bliss Couture
BRACELET: Lemon Bangle Set from FuLo
RINGS: Arturo Rings from Donna Flora
LOCATION: deSiderium

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