Thursday, September 5, 2013

And I Think To Myself...What A Wonderful World.

After watching Squinternet Larnia (Giulia) sing that song so beautifully on YouTube sounding to me very much like Marlene Dietrich, I haven't stopped singing it all day.  Let's not forget what a wonderful world it is particularly when a group of people come together in a virtual world to pay tribute to someone they admire, not only with their words, but with donations to help ease the financial burden.  I read someone saying that they never loved SL more than now once the money was tallied up.  So true. 

Anyway, on to what Squinternet loved so much, the fashion.  Today I've fused Zaara with Molichino and love the result.  The beautiful top from Zaara looks to be inspired by Middle Eastern textiles with stunning gold motifs that glisten in the light.  The long skirt has a lovely belt and buckle and flows so delicately when you walk.


I accessorized heavily with this look, wearing a range of jewellery from various designers.  The bag is gorgeous from House Of Fox called 'Roman Bag'.  What I'm loving about SL these days after Siddean Monro devised her stunning feet and hands, is that rings and bracelets look so wonderful when they used to be the ugliest part of any avi.  Just a word to jewellery makes however, can you please ensure that you don't limit the reduction size of rings?  I have purchased some that are huge and will only reduce to a certain size which is still much to big to fit on one's finger.  Some rings I've put on cover nearly three fingers and unless you are producing for a Yeti, is not realistic for a normal avatar hand.

And speaking of Slink, these strappy little numbers are called LuLu Add-on shoes in Chocolate.  So clever the way the straps wrap around the heel.  Isn't it always the small details that takes something to a new level of fabulousness?

I have tidied up my bloggers list and removed the inactive ones and added lots of new, terrific blog-a-logs. Please feel free to write in my comments section if you want your blog added to my blog links.  I'm happy to oblige.

Hope you like my look for today.  Remember to be kind to one another because we only have right now.  Follow in Squinternet's footsteps and give of yourself wherever possible no matter how small or insignificant your act may be to you, for someone else, it may mean the world.


HAIR: Carrie in Light Blond With Roots by Truth
SKIN: Virginia in Fairy tone by Al Vulo
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Grey Green by IKON
POLISH: Glitter by Orc. Inc.
TOP: Sanya Draped Top in Ash by Zaara
SKIRT: Miljay Skirt in Sienna by Molichino
SHOES: LuLu Add-on Heels in Chocolate by Slink
BAG: Roman Bag in Rusted Teal by House Of Fox
BANGLE CAMERA LEFT: Thematic Zodiac Bracelet by Pixel Box
BANGLE CAMERA RIGHT: San Remo Hammered Metal Bracelet in Aged Gold by Maxi Gossamer (Marketplace)
RING CAMERA LEFT: Anuttra Ring in Brown/Sepia by Mandala
RING CAMERA RIGHT: Voyante Ring (color change) by Je Suis
NECKLACE: Color Mixing Pearl Necklace by Maxi Gossamer (Marketplace)
EARRINGS: Anaya Onyx Earrings in Gold by Zaara
LOCATION: Sands Of Persia 


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