Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Street Cred.

Today I've got something a little different.  Cha's got down and urbanized in an outfit entirely from Envious. This store offers incredible value for money as many of the items come complete in the folder including accessories.

This look is called 'Lost Ourselves' which incorporates the razor sliced jumper, jeans, belt, gun, holster and authentic looking chucks.  There is also finger tape and a leg bandana which is not worn. This is street wear at its best.

The hair and beanie is a great match for this look and comes from [JP]:dsg called 'Jimmy'.  I'm a big [JP] fan because everything I've purchased there has exceeded my expectations and simply works when I put it on.

I found these 'Mad Clown' earrings from Glow Studio and the chains are from Mandala.

The slits in the jumper are a great addition and I wore this cute 'Bollywood Bag' from Kari.

Whether you're on a budget or not, Envious definitely has something for everyone at such affordable prices.  This is a seriously well put together quality outfit from top to bottom.  The jumper is mesh but the jeans are not and have prim bottoms but they match so well you can't distinguish them from the actual pant which is good tailoring in my opinion.


HAIR INCLUDING BEANIE: Jimmy in Pearl tone by [JP]:dsg
SKIN: Leila Arcade in Pale (#1 Rare) from Belleza (purchased at The Arcade)
EYES: Sunrise eyes in Pale Blue from IKON
HANDS: By Slink
POLISH: Black Drama by A.S.S.
JUMPER, BELT, PANTS, GUN, HOLSTER, SHOES: Lost Ourselves by Envious
BACK PACK: Bollywood by Kari
EARRINGS; Mad Clown Earrings from Glow Studio
NECKLACE: Hannya in Black from Mandala
LOCATION:  Joplin 66

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