Sunday, September 29, 2013

Don't ShuShu The Freebies.

Who doesn't love a good freebie?  Well given I had picked up this group freebie outfit at ShuShu, among others, I thought I would blog it because quite frankly, it deserves to be shown off.

The outfit is called 'Hippie Tramp' and consists of the coat with hood, woolen beanie, pants and sneakers.  I love the assortment of textures and colors.  It's not often that a label offers such quality freebie's for group members so I encourage you to go join the LAMU group to take advantage of some great clothing.

I added a hair wisp from Bizarre's 'Sensi' hair and resized it to sit just under the beanie.  The necklace I found in the folder of Bizarre's 'Retro Hair'.

I'm so thrilled I purchased Boom's 'Studio Tote' pack that comes in 8 different color's to mix 'n' match with different outfits.

I so appreciate the ShuShu brand as its designs aren't the norm and have unexpected elements to the clothing that are earthy yet vibrant with an ethnic lean  I'll be bringing you another ShuShu outfit that I purchased because I couldn't resist the incredible colors that have been carefully considered when creating the piece.  Stay tuned lovers....

Oh and check out their shoes...there's a couple of great pairs of colorful boots that are also group gifts.

I've just been involved and witnessed a conversation in a group about shops closing their in-world stores and selling exclusively on Marketplace.  Of course I can see that it makes sense if people aren't getting out and about visiting the stores but its also so sad that we are isolating ourselves effectively shopping on-line.   Come on shoppers...let's support our creators and designers and actually TP to their shops and get some traffic through their doors or otherwise we stand to lose many more.  I know that by actually TP'ing around the shopping districts, I have met some wonderful people and opportunities have occurred by being there at the right time.  I ask myself, are we becoming so lazy that we can't even TP and see the wonderful world we joined up to experience?


HAIR WISP: From Sensi hair by Bizarre Hair
SKIN: Amberly Petal Edition Skin (Sugar make up) by Glam Affair
EYES: Perspective Eyes in Banshee by from IKON (purchased at The Liaison Collaborative)
HANDS: Slink
NAILS: By Flair
JACKET, BEANIE, JEANS AND SNEAKERS: Hippie Tramp (Group Gift) from ShuShu
BAG: Studio Tote in Brown by Boom
NECKLACE:  Came with Retro Hair by Bizarre Hair
RING: Silver Cross Ring in Orange by Sakide

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