Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Empress Butterfly by My Precious.

This stunning gown is another gem from Agnes Finney's My Precious label. I always have a slight attack of nerves before I attempt to style and capture her work because I want to do it justice. I never think I do but nonetheless, I try.

I have come to appreciate her attention to detail, amazing use of texture and her ability to make her outfits float and dance when moving. As the outfit is non-modify, you'll need to wear your little skirt shape to avoid splitting the system skirt but once on, it fits like a glove. Chalice is the tallest one can be in SL and if I don't pop on my narrow sparrow hip shape, I can split the textures of some skirts. The dress itself is simple and elegant while it is the bow and skirt attachments that bring this outfit to life.

Less was more in terms of accessories so just wore these lovely long earrings from Glow Studio that dust the shoulders. Some quality prim nails from je suis in a complimentary pink hue, the new amazing pale glow skin from LAQ and this new release do from Miamai called Kana and I'm done.

I have fallen in love with Di Hoorenbeek's poses from Di's Opera particularly her Fatale series. They come with cigarette's for that Marlene Dietrich feel but let me assure you, these are only herbal fags. Honestly officer, I'm smoking oregano.

My selection LM's:
Hair & Base: Kana in Brown by Miamai
Skin: Elena Glow in Pale tone by LAQ
Eyes: Adorable Series in Opal by PixelDolls
Dress: Butterfly Empress by Agnes Finney - My Precious
Nails: Pink range by je suis
Earrings: White Dreams by Glow Studio
Poses & Cigarette: By Di's Opera (Fatale series)

Photoshopped: Yes
Item provided by designer: Yes


  1. Wow that is an AMAZING gown! Love the huge 'wing' and the colour!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I love the wing/bow attachment too and getting Chal looking feminine is always fun.