Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spaced Out In My Armor Plated Bustier.

Houston...we have lift and separation entirely due to this plated bustier from The Sea Hole. I like the impact of this small piece of clothing that is trimmed with piercing spikes at the bodice. It comes with a clutch bag also adorned with spikes and the strap sits snugly around the hand. I remembered these funky little leggings I purchased at Beatnik and thought that the geometric patterns on the legs would work well with the geometric design of the bustier. I love Beatnik's range of pants/leggings. Excellent textures and very well shaded. Go look.

I went for an old favorite, my black neck adornment from Moxie Polanos, instead of a necklace this time. Using the Piddle skin tattoo's recently selling at The Dressing Room Blue called the Incognito Make Up Set, I love how this compliments the futuristic feel of this look. Some metallic silver talons from je suis and a space age bouffant from Vanity Hair and Chalice is ready for her date with Captain Kirk at the space station Star Trek Deep Throat Nine.

If the space ship's a rockin', don't come a knockin'. K?

Skin: Isolde Cachet by Exodi
Face Tattoo Make Up: Incognito by Piddle
Earrings: Shari from Mayden Couture
Eyes: Dazzling Green from LAQ
Shoes: Wonder by Kalnins

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