Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's A Wrap.

Click the pic for a bigger view of the chick.

I found this little wrap hip scarf as part of a pants outfit from BoHo HoBo and this outfit just grew from there using blue as my theme. I then remembered a blogger pack sent to me recently from Me, Myself and I that had blue in it and then a visor I purchased from LeLutka that was of a similar blue tone. Its really just a mash up of old and new from my inventory but I do love using some of my old treasures that remind me of SL times gone by.

Like the Digit Darkes Dictator Shrug no longer available but I have such fond memories of shopping there going 'Oooooo' and 'Ahhhhh' when new releases came out. Also my black bustier from BiancaF that I've worn to death but would never discard. So many of my historical purchases still hold their ground today despite the vast improvements achieved in fashion design which is a wonderful testament to our early designers who forged a path for the rest.

Click the pic for a bigger view of the chick.

So I reason that my blog is not necessarily about the latest releases on the shelves but merely a selection of looks using anything and everything I can lay my hands on that I love. I often wondered what my angle was and then it hit me. I love to paint a picture with clothes.

So here's to all those who have left SL but will live on through their creations.

And the Oscar goes to.............

Vanity Hair - Tiffany's in Essence.
TBS - Mena Skin (Blogger pack).
Divine - Blue Femme Fatale Eye Shadow.
LAQ - Dazzling Ice Blue eyes.
Je Suis - Naive nails in Black.
Digit Darkes - Dictator Shrug (no longer in SL boo hoo)
BiancaF - Black Bustier (no longer in SL boo hoo)
BoHo HoBo - Blue Hip Scarf.
Me, Myself and I - Summer Leggings, Boots, Necklace and Bracelet.
LeLutka - Vicky Visor in Navy.
UnTone - Black Earrings (no longer in SL boo hoo).
Shot at Muism.

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  1. They may not be the latest but wow you look fantastic in that ensemble! And I loved Digit Darkes too, too bad the store is no more...*sigh*