Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Magic Of Mandala Jewelery.

I remember when I first viewed the displays at Mandala and how at that moment, I realized that SL jewelery had taken on a whole new realm. Designer Kikunosuke Eel had somehow taken the limitations inherent in SL and blown them out the water. Not only are his pieces aesthetically magnificent, they are entirely functional and you just know how much work has gone into each detail to ensure it works with an avatar.

When I received a note card a couple of days ago promoting some new releases at Mandala, I couldn't get there quickly enough once I spied the Kabuki range.

I opted for the Kabuki necklace and earrings; however, there is a bracelet/ring/nail package available as well. Kikunosuke is also the owner of Tempura Island and to celebrate the sims third anniversary, he made Kabuki for this occasion.

Now I love a fine set of talons like any self respecting diva and Mandala have released a flamboyant set called Milky Nails complete with detachable rings. Anyone for a back scratch?

The credit goes to....

Lamb for my Witch hair in Powder.
LAQ for my Elena Glow Skin in Pale.
LAQ for my Dazzling Ice Blue eyes.
Divine for my Femme Fatale Silver eye shadow.
Priss for my One Shoulder Satin top.
DeLa for my Linda Leather pants in Silver.
DeLa for my Grace Sandals in Silver.
Septem Essentials for my Sway bag in Silver.
Eclectica for my Deco Knot bracelet in Silver.
Mandala for my Kabuki necklace, earrings and the Milky Nails.

And to YOU for reading my blog.

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